Monday, June 8, 2009

Weekend Update + Blogging Space Tag

Thanks everyone for the sweet comments on my previous post about my prize for the Kite Contest to go to Japan! I'm so psyched to finally go back after 4 years! 

Received Ms. Jamilla's 100th Follower Giveaway Contest prize in the mail this Saturday; I was overwhelmed by the contents! Look at all of this amazing loot she sent! The two high end lippies by Dior and Chanel were the main prize but she kindly included many extras including two Molton Brown shower gels (love them!), a MAC lippie palette, and a Bobbi Brown mini case (sadly the mirror cracked throughout the rough mailing from UK to US but it's all good!).
Thank you very much dear, you are too kind!

Weekend Purchases:

On Saturday I hit the shops in Soho and Madison Ave/5th Ave with a good male buddy of mine. Surprisingly I didn't spend that much money however my friend did a little bit too much spending... *cough*shopaholic*cough* I went over to Uniqlo and picked up two tunic-style shirts, one for a friend's birthday and one for me. They're having a sale for 2 UT t-shirts for $24.90!

Last was the Sephora store! I successfully restrained myself and only bought the MUFE Lift Concealer after doing extensive homework on reviews and etc. Thanks to Iyah and Fuz I was convinced! Thank you :) 

Quick Review on MUFE Lift Concealer in 1: I asked the SA which color would best suit my skintone even though I knew that 1 would probably be the best choice and 1 it was! What I am looking for in a concealer: light-medium coverage, neutralizing of blue/purple tone, and brightening for undereye area. So far I've used this three times and it's very nice. The shade is like a light pink tone that will cancel out the bluish tone of the blood vessel under the eye. I blend this with a more natural skintone color for little more coverage,  it does a good job! This concealer also has skin-care properties to lift the eyearea for any sagging. I'll do a more extensive review on this concealer with pics later on. 

On Sunday I went to Mitsuwa for a haircut and picked up the Kose Clear Turn White Mask. This mask box comes with 22 masks, that's a lot! The instructions state that to use the mask at least 2-3x a week. I haven't tried this on myself yet but I offered my mom to try one, she said that it wasn't as good as the DHC face mask. Will do a review on this product too.

On Sunday morning I went over to Michi Hair Salon in Edgewater, NJ at Mitsuwa for a haircut. If you remember, Fuz went over to the same salon last weekend. Way back in February I recommended Fuz try this salon as I've been going there for about 4 years but she went to another in Chinatown. Surprisingly she went to Michi last week and I was so shocked because she got the same stylist who does my hair!

If anyone is looking for a nice Japanese style hairdresser in the NJ/NY area, go to Michi Salon in Mitsuwa! Also ask for the stylist Miho (or Izumi the owner if Miho isn't available), who does my hair and cut Fuz's last wk. If you happen to go there, please mention that Mika recommended you to try!
Prices are reasonable for the type of service you receive, an average haircut for women costs about $50-60 without tip. If you mention you are a student, they might give you a discount.

So what I asked her for my cut was more layers to reduce heaviness of the hair, haphazardly placed bangs and thinning to encourage volume and natural waves.
I don't color my hair at Michi because I want to save money and I could do a pretty good job myself. I need to dye my hair again soon... The pictures are a bit misleading, my hair isn't actually that red. The dye I used was Palty brand.

Blogger Space Tag:

I was tagged by Innerchild, Zwala, and Nic Nic a few wks ago to do this blogging space tag. Here is my desk where I do all of my computer work, blogging, and studying. The pic doesn't show my full desk because I didn't want to show you my messy paperwork all over the place. Next to my computer where you see the yellow shipping packet (which Jennifer from Beeyoutiful blog sent me hehe) is where I store all of my things that are blog related and some bits and bobs here and there. Do you like my orange chair? It's so cute but it's not that comfortable after spending a few hours on the computer. 
Hehe and sorry for the receipts on the desk, calculating my spending from Saturday's NYC trip.

I'm too lazy to do the questions but I tag these people to show their blogging spaces because I'm so nosy :) I'm sorry if I repeat tagged you (I tried to pick people who didn't do the tag but I might've tagged somebody who already did it.. T-T)

Also if you have a chance and some cash to spare, please check out my new makeup/clothing sale! I've got some more goodies from DHC and lowered some previous prices. Thank you!


Chomsiri said...

hi mika! thanks for the tag. ive already done it, its here

but thank you! :D and good luck on your sale!

and wow look at those prizes!

cute haircut you got there <3

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

congrats on winning!!

nice hair cut it suits you :) i like japanese stylists, especially when they listen to what you ask for xD

im curious about the MUFE concealer, ive heard a lot of raves about it!

Angela said...

Hey nice prizes!!! :D
I really want to try that MUFE concealer. I really need it!!!

Lulu said...

yay nice prizes!!!
How did you like the watermelon scrub from Korres? Is it a body scrub or face scrub? The product itself sounds yummy enough for me, hehe, I love anything watermelon flavored! I love how sometimes we can find great stuff at TJ Maxx and Marshalls!

Yumeko said...

whee for winning
u are on a roll heee

Blair said...

I've done the tag and tagged you too lol, but thanks for tagging me =D

Sassy Jadore said...

Those are such awesome prizes. =)
Cute haircut. ^___^

Anonymous said...

The prizes from Jamilla are gorgeous! Congrats!

I think the haircut suits you very prettily... if I have the chance to go to the US one day, I'll surely come to NY (and go to this hair salon at Mitsuwa market, haha...).

BloggingTimes said...

ooh..yeah..i saw it in JC's blog that uve won..congrats..!! nice prizes..!! :)
n ur hairstyle is cute..though its not the exact color, it luked pretty..:)
n yay..for japan tour..!! :P

MiuMiu said...

thanks for the tag...hehe mine looks so messy ahaaha
i got the same brand masks except mine are's a lot cheaper than going to smoothie king and adding 50cents for collagen each time! haha

fuzkittie said...

Love your cut!! The layering is sooo nice, ahhh I will definitely go to Michi for everything! xD Love them.

Lucky girl, you won so many goodies!! Hehe.

adin_22 said...

you're so lucky to received all those prizes....anyways...I desperately need a haircut but unfornately I'm too far from mitsuwa maybe I should plan a NY-NJ trip....thanks for the Tip....

Anonymous said...

Nice haircut~! Lucky that you have a hairdresser you can trust.. me on the other hand.. I fear for my hair hahaha!

Jamilla Camel said...

I am so glad you got all your goodies, and am so sorry about that mirror!

Can' wait for a FOTD!!

Cute hair!!

aquaracer said...

aww, so sweet of JC!

cute orange chair =D

and nice hair cut!!!

Audrie said...

Cute haircut!!
I love the MUFE Lift concealer, my fave!

Gui said...

Hey,babe,love ur hair,haha.
above is one of my fave blogs,Vivianda and Miumiu,they're twins from ChongQing Province in China,they're pretty popular as blogers.U won't understand the chinese,but I love seeing their photoes and their styles,so just want to share that with u,haha,hope u'll like it,let me know...

Lulu said...

oh yeaa i did hear stories about how some products at tjmaxx and marshalls or whatnot might be long expired! Good thing about Korres is, they have their expiration date clearly written on the packaging, unlike some other brands that use unidentifiable codes on their packaging and you'd have to search online for those expiration dates :) hehe we should alert each other when we find goodies in those stores since we both seem to enjoy shopping there, and it seems like even though we are so far apart (NJ and CA), but our stores seem to be carrying similar stuff! well Korres products at least :)

M said...

woohoo. trip to japan. i'm leaving at the end of june so i may not catch you here, but hopefully i get to catch you there! ;D

nice haircut! and your hair color is really nice too

jamilla is awesome! congrats on your prize pack

yes, i quit my job ;P i hated it so much

Anonymous said...

haha Fuz was right, everyone and their mom went to Mitsuwa this weekend! lol ur haircut is so cute! Im tempted to go get a cut myself =P

Blair said...

The heart stickers are from a photo editing software hahaha

I wish my haircut turned out as good as yours ;p

Whit said...

awww what a great love package!

Shopn'Chomp said...

hi mika! thx for following :) you have a really cute blog. love your new hairstyle btw!

✿Ji✿ said...

Aww such a cute package!♥
Your hair looks awesome!^-^

Vivienne Westwood is a goddess, but a expensive one!xDD