Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Review: Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick + Outfit

Happy Wednesday! (I'm still in Tuesday mode however).
I had the day off yesterday due to Yom Kippur Jewish holiday, my school is mainly Jewish and Korean so the majority wins and we had a day off :)

I'm going to be reviewing the Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick today. It's been popular in the blog world lately because it's a new release and it's also a new favorite!

Here is the lipstick on my lips - the shade is Pink Me Up.

Close Up (Flash)

I forgot to do a swatch so I'll save that for later but one thing that I'd like to say is that this lipstick is pretty pigmented!!

Here are my thoughts in condensed form so it is easier for all of you to understand.

- Easily available in most drugstores
- Affordable price (around $7-8)
- Not too creamy, buildable pigmentation (vary from light to heavy application)
- Smell is not offending like European brands (Chanel, Dior, Bourjois, etc.)
- Can achieve watery look if desired
- Variety of colors available (4 categories: Nude, Pinks, Reds, Purples)

- Some batches of these were bad (smelled bad and tasted bad) Be careful! Sniff before buying.
- Packaging is a little annoying to remove entire plastic cap (but not that big of a deal)

What I think:
This is my first drugstore lipstick purchase in a LONG LONG time. I was hesitant to buy any lipstick from the drugstore after I experienced bad smelling, bad tasting stuff. This lipstick totally changed my perception of Maybelline lip products because it wasn't as nasty smelling as some other stuff in drugstores. I personally don't like lipsticks or any lip product that smell like roses or the "old lady smell." I am very sensitive to scents and I get nauseous if something too fragrant is on me for too long. This lipstick smells a bit like coconut or some buttery smell. It's not too bad but if you apply a lot it might be a tad strong. And as I stated above, BE CAREFUL, some batches were not good and the smell was terrible (like chemical).

I like this lipstick a lot, the color is buildable and I personally like a light hand for my lips. Usually I apply a lipbalm beforehand and then use this lipstick. Or if I want more shine, apply lipbalm, lipstick, then lipgloss.

If you have pigmented lips, I believe this lipstick can cover the color of your natural lips if applied with a heavy hand. Try it out! :)

Outfit/Clothes Update

I was fortunate to be able to order some articles of clothing from Zipia.net in a joint order with one person who I've been emailing back and forth (Thanks Davlyn!!) It came out successfully and this is one of the plaid shirts that I ordered that I love! It's very light and soft, perfect for those fall days that seem to be imitating summer.

I will post an outfit/lookbook post soon on some of the things I got from Zipia!

Outfit Info
Plaid shirt: Zipia
Tank top: Aerie by A&E
Jeans: Zara (3 yrs old skinny jeans.. love them!)
Camera: Olympus E500 DSLR hehe

Sleepy... Still in love with that shirt :) Also wearing the lippie!
Sidenote: Hating the red tint in my hair... Experimenting with purple Kool-Aid to get rid of brassy tones. Will update on how that works out!

Nails of last week:
Zoya - Flora

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Review: Etude House 02 White Mask Sheet

How is the week going for everyone?
I haven't been totally absent from the blog world (I somehow still find time to comment sometimes... haha) but I've been negligent with my blog posts. FOTD is kind of out of the question since I don't have time to take a picture in the morning and most times the makeup has faded a bit by the time I come home. But I'll try one day!! :)

Product Review: Etude House 02 White Mask Sheet

So this post will cover a review on the Etude House O2 White Mask Sheet. I got this mask from Millie (Miu Miu) in a love pack back in July in return for some hair care things I sent her. I read somewhere that this mask is not actually a store product and is only offered as a free sample with purchase. The real product is called Etude House 02 White Mask and it comes in a big tub. You can read full reviews on the original product here at Ning*Star and Amynaree.

I didn't know what to think of this product when I first looked at it. I wasn't sure whether it was supposed to make my face "breathe" better or whiten it. Then I just guessed that it would be a whitening mask, after all, the WHITE is rather capitalized. Also I'm not able to read Korean so I didn't know what its main features were.

Scary Mask Pic:

- Whitened my face! A lot! Noticeable difference. I had uneven skin tone because I had gone scuba diving and got a weird uneven tan on my face... This mask improved the overall appearance of my skin tone
- Very soft and velvety mask material -- definitely not cheap material. It was thick, moist, and fit very well to my face.
- Scent was not overpowering and pleasant soapy/flowery perfume scent
- Liquid smoothed my skin and did not leave a sticky residue
- Slight tingly feeling when applied on my face

- This product is not sold in stores (I believe). Comes only in a tub, which is the original product. I received this as a gift and I read on some other blog that it was only offered as a GWP or something. However original tub product is available on Etude House USA website.
- It was scented -- I like unscented products. Sometimes I get scared that perfumes will irritate my skin but this scent was neither powerful or irritating! :)

Final Result

My skin is glowing!!! :) I like to use masks at least once a week or so. I used this one last week and prepared photos for a blog entry but didn't get to do a post last week. I wish this product was sold in stores because I really like it. Some people said that the original product that comes in the tub is not as pleasant smelling - like somehow chemical smelling? Not really sure... But now I want to get my hands on the tub product since I like this one so much. I have one more of this mask that I got from Millie so I'm going to save it when I really need it.

Overall Rating
5/5 - hope to purchase in tub form

Hopefully this week I will be able to update again. During the weekend it is harder to update nowadays because of my part time job. I can't even wear nail polish... T_T So what I do is I apply polish either on Sunday night after I finish my job or Monday and then remove on Saturday night. Other than that I'm busy with school work and college applications (ugh my god. Help me! lol!)

Hope the review was helpful and the next review should be the Maybelline Color Sensational lipstick! :) Let me know if you have any questions and I'll try to answer them for you.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Makeup Sale #7 - UPDATED 10/17/09

- Paypal Only
- Final Sale, no returns
- First come, first serve
- Items shipped after payment cleared
- Shipping calculated on items purchased

How to Order:
- Email me! No orders taken through comments or c-box!
1. Items you would like to purchase
2. Domestic buyers: include zipcode, International: country
3. Paypal login e-mail address
Email all info to: ixheartbear (at) gmail (d0t) com

- Domestic: $3.50 (USPS First Class + tracking #), 50 cents per additional item
- International: Email me for shipping quote
Lighter items will be charged less

Email if you have any questions.
By purchasing, you have acknowledged that you read and accepted all terms. If you don't agree with these terms, please do not buy. Do not buy unless you intend on paying. Thank you for looking!
Please read terms & conditions up top very carefully! Thank you :)
Jill Stuart Sample Pack
Smooth Silk Powder Foundation in 101 Linen, Day Care Essence SPF 30, Cleansing Oil, Softening Fluid, Tint Liquid Foundation, Control Color, Brightening Eye Cream
*Brand New* $10.00

La Prarie Sample Pack
Purifying Cream Cleanser, C Energy Cellular Serum, Cellular Time Release Moisturizer Intensive, Anti-Aging Complex Cream, Cellular Microdermabrasion Cream, Cellular Softening and Balancing Lotion (in pic there are 2 of same box, one has been replaced w/different one)
*Brand New*, $20.00

Dariya Velcro Fringe Holder (Pink) - 2 pieces inside
*Brand New*, $3.50

Dariya Velcro Fringe Holder (Blue) - 2 pieces inside
*Brand New*, $3.50

Lancome Sample Pack
Renergie Microlift (Active Redefining Treatment), Secret de Vie (Ultimate Cellular Reviving Creme), Primordiale Cell Defense (Cell Defense & Skin Perfecting Serum)
*Brand New*, $10.00

Clinique Sample Pack SOLD
Zero Gravity Repairwear Lift & Repairwear Intensive Night Cream
*Brand New*, $8

Plain Sheet Mask - Perfect for DIY Masks
*Brand New* - $1.50 per pack - 2 available

100% Authentic Marc Jacobs Bag
New, never used, with tags
Asking $275 or best offer!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Fiddling with Polyvore...

Hello all, happy Tuesday (or rather Wednesday... in real time.)
School has been quite busy and I've become rather lazy to update on my blog, also haven't been wearing ANY makeup for some reason. Maybe I will try tomorrow.

I've been looking at the ever-famous Polyvore website and decided to enter Amanda's Sunshine Tolani Scarf Giveaway with my first Polyvore creation! :)

So here are the rules for the giveaway:
- Follow Amanda's Sunshine blog
- Must be US resident
- Go to Chickdowntown.com, choose a Tolani scarf you like, then create a fall outfit with all items from Chickdowntown.com and make a post. Or if you don't have a blog, write in a comment the clothes you would pair with the scarf.
- Ends Sept. 25th

Amanda Sunshine Chickdowntown.com Tolani Giveaway!

My Entry:

Items Used:
Tolani Scarf - Blue/Grey Silk Ombre
Leather Jacket - Urban Rebel Jacket (Vintage)
Tshirt - Nation Ltd
Jeans - Siwy Hannah Slim Cropped (hehe because I'm short.)
Heels - LAMB
Watch - Freelook
Necklace - House of Harlow
Earrings - Rachel Leigh Millie Bow Drop Earrings
Bracelet - Jules Smith 14k gold Vampire Teeth Jelly bracelet

This really shows my style.... I'm pretty simple and a sucker for neutral colors like black, gray, white, khaki, navy, etc etc. Also blue & black combos are so great! I love them :)

Let me know what you think of this outfit~

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Swap with Lovely Aileen

Way back in May or June, Aileen and I were coordinating a swap together, I would get her some things from Japan that she wanted, and she would get me some Moomin and Marimekko things.
I sent out her package after I returned from Japan in late July and she received it relatively quickly, but the package she sent from Finland took until end of August, but I was happy that I was in suspense!! :)

Luckily it arrived safely and here it is in its glory:

Look at the adorable Moomin stamps!! I love them :)

Some Marimekko items, the red print is a notebook and the green printed on is the wrapping paper of a red pillowcase, it is adorable - I love it!!

Lots of Moomin themed items, I am obsessed with Moomin characters, they are so adorable! In Japan they have many moomin items as well but better from the country of its origin right? Here are some things sweet Aileen got for me: Moomin toothpaste, pillowcase, mug <3,>

The highlight of the package: the adorable Moomin mug! The pink one on the left is the one I bought in Japan (and currently using obsessively... Hehehe. The one on the right is Aileen's gift to me: ORIGINAL Moomin cup! Notice how the Moomin characters look a little different? The one on the left is more "modern" and the one on the right is the traditional drawing of Moomin.

Some awesome Lumene samples and a Cleansing emulsion, can't wait to try it! I don't think I have a cleansing milk at the moment so we'll see how this works on me. I believe CVS carries Lumene in their stores in the US but I've never purchased from there since the price is not that cheap. Hope this works for me, and it's great that it's "sensitive" because I tend to get allergies from perfume and heavy products.

Last but not least, a necklace with adorable handmade clay cakes and sweets! This is the best part, and Aileen kindly made me a cell phone charm too (which I couldn't take a good picture of.. T_T) I love Aileen craftmanship, so delicate and well made! Thank you so much~

Please visit Aileen's jewelry site: Amore Vintage. She has some wonderful pieces and just released parts of her new winter collection. Her pieces are very elegant and intricate, definitely perfect for the sophisticated lady!

Giveaway Reminder
Ena from Shanghainese Dumpling is having a giveaway for her favorite product: Vitacreme B12.
Shanghainese Dumpling's 999 OZ Spring Blog Give Away

Quick Update

Hello all!

Wow I haven't updated for more than a week, very sorry.
School just started again this Tuesday so I've been extremely busy trying to adjust to a new schedule and get homework done, but finally it is the weekend!
I also started a part-time job on Sundays so my weekend relaxing time has been reduced... It's hard work and this Sunday is my second time there.

Will update tomorrow sometime in the afternoon so look out for a new post. Also anybody who needs questions answered please ask in the CBOX and I will answer you to the best of my abilities. Also, if anybody has requests for a review or anything, please let me know.

Thanks to all who commented on my contest video entry!! It was my first time so I wanted to hear responses and was happy that they were good responses.. haha. Maybe I will attempt more videos but I'm still camera shy.

One more quick note: blog sale coming soon!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Fuz and Mel's YT Contest Entry - Channeling Jackie O

Hello everyone! Glad to inform you that I entered Fuz and Mel's youtube contest... it took me hours (haha more like days) to finish everything! But I'm happy at the outcome.
I finally made a video.... wow I couldn't even make a picture tutorial before but look at me now! Haha! But I can't bring myself to talk or do makeup in front of the camera so you'll have to watch a picture slideshow :D

Haha the FOTD look that I did for the video... Oh and I entirely forgot to mention that I got my ears pierced after like what, 6 years of wanting them? But I did get lazy after I passed the age that I was allowed to get pierced ears.. hehe.

The look was done using the L/E eyeshadow palette from Maquillage featuring Alexander Wang. It's quite nice for a neutral palette, I really liked the purple cream liner but wasn't too crazy about the neutral shades--kind of overdone perhaps? But it is a nice palette! Will do swatches and maybe a review later.

My entry was an inspired fashion slideshow and makeup tutorial on Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. Her fashion is truly classic and celebs today are wearing her looks!

Some information about my clothes:

Daytime Casual Look
Short Trench Jacket: J. Crew
Blouse: J. Crew
Scarf: Vintage
Jeans: Madewell
Flats: Car Shoe
Sunglasses: Fendi

Daytime Formal Look
Cropped Cardigan: Moth (Anthropologie)
Dress: Odille (Anthropologie)
Pearls: Vintage
Flats: Accessorize
Parasol: WPC Japanese Brand

Nighttime Fancy Look
Dress: Vintage
Pearls: Vintage
Flats: Vintage
Belt: J. Crew

Makeup Used
Base: DHC Q10 Liquid Foundation
Eyes: Maquillage L/E Alexander Wang E/S Palette in BR365, Sisley Brown Eyeliner, Clinique High Definition Lashes Mascara, Shu Uemura Eyelash curler
Cheek: Canmake Cheek Gradation in 02
Lip: Maquillage Lip Essence EX, Clinique Color Surge Bare Brilliance Lipstick in Pink Beach

Also, parental permission has been obtained!

There's still three more days left to enter, go watch the qualification video here: TIMELESS BEAUTY CONTEST

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bag Snooper + Daily Skin Regimen

Finally an update!! I'm back from Bonaire! Will post pictures in the near future.

I was tagged by Lisa from Shopn'Chomp to do this fun tag to show you what is inside my bag... Thank you Lisa love!
As the title entails, you are all snooping into my bag! :)

This is my current bag. A bit small, but perfect for me since I'm not in school at the moment. School starts from September 8th, so soon!! Ah I've got 2 essays to write and a book to finish.. ugh and it is Great Expectations by Charles Dickens (if any of you read that, you may know it is about 400-500 pgs.) So I digress.

The brand is Diesel, I received it as a gift from my aunt in Japan! I believe this bag might be only available in Japan but here's a link I found from the US: Diesel Sea Jet Rincon Bag It retails for $95.00 USD, I think...

The thing I like about it most is that it reminds me of the ever-famous Balenciaga motorcycle bag! Which is one of my dream bags... haha (I love studs and rock&roll inspired designs, plus I love dark designs--such as skulls, etc.)

Back view. This bag is synthetic leather.

Stupid Blogger wouldn't allow me to load this picture horizontally. You can see the cotton patterned lining inside.

Health/Beauty related items:
I carry:
- Tissues (hehe those are from the Netherlands, bought in Bonaire 2 yrs ago?)
- Towel/Handkerchief (this is Japanese influence... no paper towels in public toilets. But recently this has changed. Now they have automatic dryers and some have papertowels)
- DHC Lipcream (need some lip product for chapped lips)
- Case with Advil
- Blotting sheets
- Compact mirror (hehe my deco skills!)
- 2 Packets of Antibacterial handwipes (the green one is a promotional one from AU cell phone company in Japan.. love the free tissues and promotional stuff from Japan! I got a free nail file in Shibuya)

Daily Necessities:
I carry:
- My wallet! Used this for the past 3-4 years. From Anthropologie
- Fendi sunglasses... loving them :) You can see my reflection
- Umbrella--I collect them. One day will show you my huge collection
- Orange portable eco-bag. Gotta be eco-friendly
- Pen with 3 options: Black ink, Red ink, and lead pencil
- Cell phone (I made that glass charm in Okinawa)

Now onto my updated daily skincare regimen, stole this from Lisa again as well! I tried to put the links where you can purchase, but not all products were found. Enjoy!

1. Kiehls Brightening Botanical Cleansing Cream - morning facewash. Don't know if it really whitens. Well.. it kinda does. It makes my skin luminous in the morning.
2. Balancing Lotion - alternate between several different alcohol free toners. I like DHC Olive Leaf Lotion as well, or Acerola... whatever my mood is, or need to finish. This one is pretty gentle, but not amazing. It just keeps my skin normal.. haha.
3. Kevin Beautymaker Aquamarine Hydrating Serum - Like this a lot. But when I got a tan, didn't fully keep my dry/sundamaged skin hydrated as much as I'd liked. But recommend this item.
4. Kevin Beautymaker Aquamarine Hydrating Lotion - Great product, again same as above. Keeps skin hydrated for normal conditions (not super dry skin)
5. Kiehls Ultra Facial Moisturizer SPF15 - Love the moisturizing, wish they have one with more SPF, at least SPF 30. I like this because it's not greasy at all and absorbs really nicely. Repurchased many times!
6. Biore UV Moist Face Milk in SPF 50+ PA +++ - Nice, not that moisturizing as it claims, I need that Kiehls one before I apply this. I just want the SPF protection. This has a powdery finish so it is good for makeup base. For summer I guess this is moderately moisturizing, but not for winter!

1. Lancome Bi-Facil Eyemakeup Remover - Love this! I have so many sample size bottles so I don't have to buy the full-size. Hehe. Almost done with this bottle. I'm going to reuse the bottle and fill it with my Neutrogena eyemakeup remover...
2. DHC Deep Cleansing Oil - Makeup remover, oil cleanser. Removes much of my makeup, even stubborn mascara. Scent is kinda herbal, but overall good. Not as oily as Shu Uemura.. Somehow I don't like Shu cleansing oil because the oiliness feeling remains. This doesn't have that problem.
3. Rohto Hadalabo Hyaluronic Gokujyun Facewash - Loving this. I alternate between this and my DHC facewash. Doesn't strip moisture! Great product.
4. DHC Olive Leaf Lotion - Great toner! Repurchased at least 5-6 times. Used for many years, I will continue using this. A little pricy I think $38 for one bottle? But I like it... Keeps my spots from showing up! Even though I'm young, I am very prone to getting spots on my face after sun exposure. And they are like the beauty mark spots, so they are pretty dark and prominent!
5. DHC Q10 Lotion - I ran out of the Olive Leaf one so now I'm using this. Haha I just kept the empty bottle to show you guys... This one is $36 per bottle. I like this, very moisturizing.
6. DHC Olive Leaf Milk - Great moisturizer, but I usually use something over this winter and summer. This is not enough moisture by itself for me! But it's a great product, makes my skin so soft and smooth, prevents lots of skin damage from sun and other harsh weather.
7. Kevin Beautymaker Skin Repair Wakening Gel - This is pretty nice, love the cooling sensation. I used to use Shiseido's Pureness line gel moisturizer but this is nice too, little different. I like the hydrating feature, but again, it's just good for maintaining moisture for normal conditions. I got a little tan and tanned skin tightens up and gets dry, this didn't really moisturize THAT much. But like this overall.

Special Care Items
1. Mangosteen Peeling Gel by Sweet & Sour - Love this! My 2nd bottle. Can be found in Tokyu Hands or Loft in Japan. Great peeling gel, I don't think I can change to any other... haha.
2. Clear Turn White Mask by Kose - Big 22 sheet box, great for everyday or every other day use. Good enough for daily use.
3. Burt's Bees Pomegranate Replenishing Lipbalm - Love this! I hated the scent at first but now I love it... how weird. I'm almost done with it, gotta repurchase! LOL. Started using this after I ran out of my La Mer lip balm. Gah gotta buy that La Mer one too. The reason I like this is you don't have to stick dirty fingers in the pot, like La Mer.
4. DHC Pimple Spot - Not sold in USA DHC. Like this a lot.. it's like potent salicylic acid. I'm not sure what it exactly is, but it's very fluidy liquid, not a cream or ointment. It shrinks my pimples! I don't get many breakouts of zits or acne but the occasional pimple will die with this in hand!

Extra Note:
1. Might be having a blog sale soon -- Japanese products that many of you can't access... and some other junk haha.

2. I'm interested in purchasing a few things from ZIPIA online clothing store but I don't want to spend $300 for myself. If anyone is interested, let me know if you want to split an order. I think I would prefer US only people if anyone is interested in this; because of shipping, unless they are my good blogger friends. I'm not sure about the zipia order yet... but if anyone is interested, leave me a comment or shoot me an email.