Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bag Snooper + Daily Skin Regimen

Finally an update!! I'm back from Bonaire! Will post pictures in the near future.

I was tagged by Lisa from Shopn'Chomp to do this fun tag to show you what is inside my bag... Thank you Lisa love!
As the title entails, you are all snooping into my bag! :)

This is my current bag. A bit small, but perfect for me since I'm not in school at the moment. School starts from September 8th, so soon!! Ah I've got 2 essays to write and a book to finish.. ugh and it is Great Expectations by Charles Dickens (if any of you read that, you may know it is about 400-500 pgs.) So I digress.

The brand is Diesel, I received it as a gift from my aunt in Japan! I believe this bag might be only available in Japan but here's a link I found from the US: Diesel Sea Jet Rincon Bag It retails for $95.00 USD, I think...

The thing I like about it most is that it reminds me of the ever-famous Balenciaga motorcycle bag! Which is one of my dream bags... haha (I love studs and rock&roll inspired designs, plus I love dark designs--such as skulls, etc.)

Back view. This bag is synthetic leather.

Stupid Blogger wouldn't allow me to load this picture horizontally. You can see the cotton patterned lining inside.

Health/Beauty related items:
I carry:
- Tissues (hehe those are from the Netherlands, bought in Bonaire 2 yrs ago?)
- Towel/Handkerchief (this is Japanese influence... no paper towels in public toilets. But recently this has changed. Now they have automatic dryers and some have papertowels)
- DHC Lipcream (need some lip product for chapped lips)
- Case with Advil
- Blotting sheets
- Compact mirror (hehe my deco skills!)
- 2 Packets of Antibacterial handwipes (the green one is a promotional one from AU cell phone company in Japan.. love the free tissues and promotional stuff from Japan! I got a free nail file in Shibuya)

Daily Necessities:
I carry:
- My wallet! Used this for the past 3-4 years. From Anthropologie
- Fendi sunglasses... loving them :) You can see my reflection
- Umbrella--I collect them. One day will show you my huge collection
- Orange portable eco-bag. Gotta be eco-friendly
- Pen with 3 options: Black ink, Red ink, and lead pencil
- Cell phone (I made that glass charm in Okinawa)

Now onto my updated daily skincare regimen, stole this from Lisa again as well! I tried to put the links where you can purchase, but not all products were found. Enjoy!

1. Kiehls Brightening Botanical Cleansing Cream - morning facewash. Don't know if it really whitens. Well.. it kinda does. It makes my skin luminous in the morning.
2. Balancing Lotion - alternate between several different alcohol free toners. I like DHC Olive Leaf Lotion as well, or Acerola... whatever my mood is, or need to finish. This one is pretty gentle, but not amazing. It just keeps my skin normal.. haha.
3. Kevin Beautymaker Aquamarine Hydrating Serum - Like this a lot. But when I got a tan, didn't fully keep my dry/sundamaged skin hydrated as much as I'd liked. But recommend this item.
4. Kevin Beautymaker Aquamarine Hydrating Lotion - Great product, again same as above. Keeps skin hydrated for normal conditions (not super dry skin)
5. Kiehls Ultra Facial Moisturizer SPF15 - Love the moisturizing, wish they have one with more SPF, at least SPF 30. I like this because it's not greasy at all and absorbs really nicely. Repurchased many times!
6. Biore UV Moist Face Milk in SPF 50+ PA +++ - Nice, not that moisturizing as it claims, I need that Kiehls one before I apply this. I just want the SPF protection. This has a powdery finish so it is good for makeup base. For summer I guess this is moderately moisturizing, but not for winter!

1. Lancome Bi-Facil Eyemakeup Remover - Love this! I have so many sample size bottles so I don't have to buy the full-size. Hehe. Almost done with this bottle. I'm going to reuse the bottle and fill it with my Neutrogena eyemakeup remover...
2. DHC Deep Cleansing Oil - Makeup remover, oil cleanser. Removes much of my makeup, even stubborn mascara. Scent is kinda herbal, but overall good. Not as oily as Shu Uemura.. Somehow I don't like Shu cleansing oil because the oiliness feeling remains. This doesn't have that problem.
3. Rohto Hadalabo Hyaluronic Gokujyun Facewash - Loving this. I alternate between this and my DHC facewash. Doesn't strip moisture! Great product.
4. DHC Olive Leaf Lotion - Great toner! Repurchased at least 5-6 times. Used for many years, I will continue using this. A little pricy I think $38 for one bottle? But I like it... Keeps my spots from showing up! Even though I'm young, I am very prone to getting spots on my face after sun exposure. And they are like the beauty mark spots, so they are pretty dark and prominent!
5. DHC Q10 Lotion - I ran out of the Olive Leaf one so now I'm using this. Haha I just kept the empty bottle to show you guys... This one is $36 per bottle. I like this, very moisturizing.
6. DHC Olive Leaf Milk - Great moisturizer, but I usually use something over this winter and summer. This is not enough moisture by itself for me! But it's a great product, makes my skin so soft and smooth, prevents lots of skin damage from sun and other harsh weather.
7. Kevin Beautymaker Skin Repair Wakening Gel - This is pretty nice, love the cooling sensation. I used to use Shiseido's Pureness line gel moisturizer but this is nice too, little different. I like the hydrating feature, but again, it's just good for maintaining moisture for normal conditions. I got a little tan and tanned skin tightens up and gets dry, this didn't really moisturize THAT much. But like this overall.

Special Care Items
1. Mangosteen Peeling Gel by Sweet & Sour - Love this! My 2nd bottle. Can be found in Tokyu Hands or Loft in Japan. Great peeling gel, I don't think I can change to any other... haha.
2. Clear Turn White Mask by Kose - Big 22 sheet box, great for everyday or every other day use. Good enough for daily use.
3. Burt's Bees Pomegranate Replenishing Lipbalm - Love this! I hated the scent at first but now I love it... how weird. I'm almost done with it, gotta repurchase! LOL. Started using this after I ran out of my La Mer lip balm. Gah gotta buy that La Mer one too. The reason I like this is you don't have to stick dirty fingers in the pot, like La Mer.
4. DHC Pimple Spot - Not sold in USA DHC. Like this a lot.. it's like potent salicylic acid. I'm not sure what it exactly is, but it's very fluidy liquid, not a cream or ointment. It shrinks my pimples! I don't get many breakouts of zits or acne but the occasional pimple will die with this in hand!

Extra Note:
1. Might be having a blog sale soon -- Japanese products that many of you can't access... and some other junk haha.

2. I'm interested in purchasing a few things from ZIPIA online clothing store but I don't want to spend $300 for myself. If anyone is interested, let me know if you want to split an order. I think I would prefer US only people if anyone is interested in this; because of shipping, unless they are my good blogger friends. I'm not sure about the zipia order yet... but if anyone is interested, leave me a comment or shoot me an email.


Aika said...

Wow, wow, wow...I am overwhelmed by how many products you have, Mika! XD Lol...I feel so ashamed for having so little in comparison. I'll have to check up on some of the products you mentioned later on then. I'm especially interested in that DHC Pimple Spot now.

rhaindropz said...

wow.. wish i could try Mangosteen Peeling Gel by Sweet & Sour =)

Sassy J'adore said...

Thanks for sharing what's inside your bag. That's a cute bag. =)
I like DHC products as well. They work great.

adin_22 said...

I love your diesel bag...gotta check that out...:)I'm excited for your blogsale...

amynaree said...

cute bag and great daily routine :)

i love the beautymaker skin awakening gel as well.

i'm interested in getting a hand bag from zipia, they are so cute! i live in the US so please let me know if you put in an order :D

May said...

Very cute purse! I'm going to check out Kiehls Brightening Botanical Cleansing Cream. Thanks for sharing:]

Tracy said...

Looks like DHC is getting lots of raves! Can't get it in Singapore, will try to get my hands on their products! thanks for the posting of routines!

Blair said...

I love your white bag, Mika dear!

Ahh, I feel like trying something from Rohto's Hadalabo range now....

Yeah, your project 10 pan sounds reasonable! It'd be years before I even see pan on powder stuff may it be pressed powder, eyeshadows or even blushers.

Your anagram is funny too, although I don't know what it means lol

My no buy is ending at an opportune time :) I think the fall collections will have slowly trickled in by then hehee~

aileen said...

wah,interesting to know these;)
skin care reviws is really nice, at least i know what to buy next time hahah....

Blovet Beauty said...

lovely post... i like ur skin care pdts!

Anonymous said...

Hehe I feel like I'm a little snoop now haha. Love your skincare regimen. I like how you're very precise in what you use =)

Shopn'Chomp said...

Hi hun, so happy to see that you did both tags...yay! I love peeping at other's beauty routines...hee hee. I feel like I am the only person who hasn't tried Beautymaker yet...lol. I know I need to plus that Kiehl's cleansing cream has piqued my interest! You have the cutest bag. I need a white bag too. *pouts*

I look forward to seeing your umbrella collection and your sale! Do you use it on sunny days too? Ooh, I am off to check out Zipia!

fuzkittie said...

It's a weird fascination!! I dunno why it's so interesting to look into other's bags, hahaha. <3

Catherine said...

I really enjoyed reading this post. So much info! And CUTE BAG! :D

Alex said...

Hadalabo's range is really good, I have their mask, have your tried? It's like... MOISTURIZING! lol

rhaindropz said...

it wasn't available here =(

*~kAy~* said...

you have such a cute bag! <3 i didn't know you were into motorcycle style stuff :) pretty cool :)

thanks for sharing your skin care routine! :) you have such nice soft looking skin! <3

M said...

you bag fits a lot more than it looks!!