Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Where I am.

Hello everybody!
Long time no update. It's been quite a while.. I don't think I've gone this long without updating.
My early action college application is due on November 1st so that's the reason why I'm not blogging. I'm still alive!
I noticed that 1-2 followers unfollowed me... Oh well. Who wants to read a blog that isn't updated regularly? I feel for you. Hope I don't disappoint!
I hope to update sometime during this weekend because I need to submit the application before November 1st anyway (don't want to be a last minute lady haha).
And Halloween! Oh stressful.

Sorry if this post isn't coherent, this week is busy.

Talk to you all later. Many thanks to those who have asked me if I was okay.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Spring Magazine Scans feat. Makeup Tutorials

Happy Weekend everyone! I think as time goes on I update later and later every week. This week was so busy for me! I had 4 tests and other assignments due...

Today I will be posting about the GWP in the November Spring magazine, which was the Jill by Jill Stuart makeup pouch! Isn't it adorable? I love the heart print. I bought this about 2-3 weeks ago in Sanseido at the NJ Mitsuwa but my local Sanseido is really fast in stocking new magazines so maybe your local Kinokuniya or other bookstores might still have this magazine in stores.

It's actually quite roomy, look how much makeup and tools I can storage in here! That's about four eyeshadow palettes in there with more space available, 3 mascaras, 1 blush palette, two eyeliners, one E/s duo, a mirror, an eyelash curler, a powder foundation, and 3 concealers.

The pouch also extends on the sides so you can fit even more.

The goods inside! Haha I'm so proud that I made a dent in the Kevin Beautymaker concealer.

Mesh lining on the side

3 slots for mascaras, eyeliners, any other cylindrical shaped item, and another slot.

Now for some magazine scans! :) The cover features Miho Kanno who is 32 years old and looks so young! Please click to enlarge pictures!

The eye makeup article special: "Eye Popping Eye Makeup - 5 Ways"

Eyelining and mascara instructions

Monolid Eyes

Smokey Eye for Monolids

Large Double Lid Eye

Droopy Eye

Wide Spread Narrow Eyes

Small Eyes - How to look more awake!

Sad Expression Eyes - How to look happier!

Tense, Harsh Eyes - Transform to Softer look

Also small notice: I'm selling some magazines for a school fundraiser, if anyone is interested in ordering or renewing magazines, please contact me at ixheartbear (at) gmail (d0t) com. You will be buying at prices up to 85% off cover prices! For example: 1 year subscription of Marie Claire is only $12, 2 years is $15. This offer is only for US residents~ :) Thank you for supporting!
Also, my blog sale has been updated with 2 new things. Go check it out by clicking on the link up by the Bulletin Board!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Review: My Beauty Diary Lavender Mask + Lookbook

Wow it's already been a week since I've last updated!
How time flies so fast...

Today I will do another mask review (I've been really into masks lately).

Product Review: My Beauty Diary Provence Lavender Mask

Out of the Package: Folded

On my face!

- Very soft and thick fabric! Not cheap material. Packaging is cute and compact too.
- Non sticky liquid, absorbs quickly into the skin and doesn't leave sticky residue
- Relatively cheap (but I received this from a friend. Thanks Penny!) Sold on Sasa, etc.
- Left my face very cool, soft and moist. Left it on for 25-30 minutes
- I hate artificial Lavender smells but this one didn't smell bad at all!! Smelled mild too :)

- Stung a tiny bit after the mask started drying in the end of 30 minutes
- The shape of the mask doesn't perfectly fit my face so I often have to fold over the sides

Overall Rating
5/5 - Can't wait to get more!

Lookbook of Last Week


I'm very grunge these days. Plaid shirts, leather jackets, studded and embellished accessories, skinny jeans, converse, beat-up sneakers. Maybe it's a phase or just my style in general?

Outfit Info
Leather Jacket: Zara
Long sleeve Tee: Zipia :)
Jeans: Hudson Jeans
Flats: Dolce Vita

Close up of Zipia shirt
It's a baby with a red lightning bolt... haha

Newest Acquirement
Dolce Vita studded flats!!! They were on sale on for $49.95 :D
The only bad thing... they are those bendy flats so they hurt a little when I walk (esp. ankle and toe area)

My mickey/skull sweater :) Look up literary theory of Deconstruction that explains the duality.

Outfit Info
Sweater: Disney Vintage
Jeans: Zipia!
Flats: Dolce Vita

Will try to update more outfit posts since I'm being very lazy with makeup... Also the jeans, long sleeve tee, and plaid shirt were all of my purchases from Zipia. Small I know! But I shared the order with other people so that's a good enough amount for the first time.

Hope to update again later this week if I get the chance! Thank you for new followers and old, I've reached 250+! :)