Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Brushlove Hairbrushes Review

Today I'll be reviewing some products I've received from the generous PR reps at Brushlove.com! As a disclaimer, I do not get paid to do these reviews and this review is 100% my honest opinion. Thanks!

I received a total of four brushes: two round barrel brushes, a plastic bristle brush, and a wooden boar hair/nylon bristle brush. (Please click on the retailer picture of the brush to see the link)

Brushlab Orange Ceramic Thermal Jumbo Hair Brush
I used this brush to blowdry my hair while it was partly damp and partly dry. The brush did a very good job of getting a hold of my hair and did not tangle any hair at all. I've tried boar bristle round brushes in the past and all of them did not adequately grip my hair without tangle. The bristles do not scratch my scalp and are for the most part gentle. It's a great brush for achieving volume and straighter locks. The grip is also very comfortable due to the tiny nubs! This brush gives me a little static hair but it's nothing a little patting down can't fix.
Retail Price: $12.98

Brushlab Ceramic Flow Thermal Round Hair Brush
This brush is great for shorter hair as the barrel is smaller. I think these bristles are even softer than the orange brush! The bristles are also treated with tourmaline to break up moisture molecules and target odor-causing bacteria. I also used this for blow drying on damp/half dried hair. The grip doesn't have any nubs on it, but it is still easy to use. The bristles also didn't pull at my hair too much, so I didn't have massive hair fall-out for this brush. Causes me a little bit of static, but not a big deal.
Retail Price: $11.98

Brushlab Pretty Pink Dual Mirror Brush Combo Hair Brush
This brush is more like the ones I use for everyday, I normally use a nylon bristle paddle brush. The best feature in my opinion for this brush is the mirror in the back. The mirror is very nice quality--sometimes cheap mirrors can appear somewhat cloudy, not clear. Although this is described as a travel brush, I feel like the size is still a little big for travel, but I think I will bring this along for my next trip! The bristles on this brush are very gentle as well.
Hana K. Diamond Wood Oval Cushion Hairbrush
I own a similar boar bristle brush but that one gives me tons of static although it states Anti-Static. This one doesn't give me much static at all! It really smooths my hair down, I love the sleek effect. My only gripe about this brush is that the nylon bristles are quite scratchy and a gentle hand is needed or else the scalp might be irritated.

Overall: I am very satisfied with the Brushlove hairbrush line! The items are very high quality and are mostly sold in beauty supply stores such as ULTA. Some little qualities of the brush were not the greatest but no item is perfect. All of these brushes and more hair supplies (flat irons, blow dryers, curling irons) can be purchased at Brushlove.com.
Score: 4.5/5

Note: Some of you asked me for swatches for the Urban Decay 24/7 liners, I will do so and post sometime this week or next week! By next month (January) I will have more time to update, my college apps are due by January 1st... Wish me luck! Thanks to everyone for continued support, I'm sorry I am not always available to answer questions! If you need something answered, always feel free to email me, my contact email is to the left.
I've also received my Mario Badescu samples yesterday, I will make sure to review them! I'm in the process of trying everything out now.