Monday, February 22, 2010

Surprise Gift and Current Updates

So I have been MIA once again for a month. Once you get out of the blogging mood, it really doesn't want to make you budge. My personal life has been very busy including new relationship, schoolwork, and stress from everything. Maybe I shouldn't be making excuses? I need to use blogging as an outlet to relieve stress!! :)

Anyway I will be posting today a very belated one on a Secret Santa gift I received from Fuzkittie way back in the end of December.

Her gift included a very cute Christmas/New Year's card, two perfume samples, a L'Occitane lipgloss and cream set, and a JuJu Cosmetics primer.
The JuJu hyaluronic primer that I haven't even tried yet :( Can't put lots of base makeup because it has been causing me blemishes...

The hand cream is in Sweet Cherry and the lipgloss is also a Cherry Blossom flavor. Both are really moisturizing and I love them! I loved the hand cream so much that I was tempted to buy the set from Sephora...

So I ended up hauling a little! I think this was the time when that Beauty Insiders $15, $25 off coupon was going around. I think mine was only $15 off a $35 purchase. I also bought the Rosebud Salve trio which is really cute!

Close-up shot of all the lipbalms and the canister. Right now I've only opened the Minted Rose salve. I love the tingly feeling I get when I spread this on my lips. I don't know if this was a good purchase because it was rather impulsive but I still like the product! It gives a very juicy look to the lips and plumps them up.

So this President's holiday I had a week off from school and it happened to be my grandmother's one year death anniversary. It is a very important date in Japanese Culture and it is called Isshuki (一周忌). I know this might be a morbid picture but my grandmother's family grave is very pretty! It is a quiet and private area with large space. I didn't travel to Japan only to visit a grave, of course I took advantage of the chance to go shop around and meet up with various members of family. I tried to plan to meet with some bloggers like Kay and Nic Nic but it didn't work out because Kay was busy and I didn't have enough time to meet Nic :( However I will try to meet them again next time!

I hope I will not give up blogging. I still read people's blogs daily but I am very lazy to update my own. Blogging is really fun for me and I've met a lot of genuine people. Take care, everyone!