Saturday, January 16, 2010

Blair's Love Pack + Finally, Update!

Wow I have been MIA for a month and a couple weeks now! Things have gotten busy for me with school and work, also I've become a little lazy as well... Must be a diligent blogger!
This post is going to about a little parcel I got from BLAIR before the holidays and what I did over the holiday vacation.
Here's a little sneak peek at what Blair got for me :)

Blair and I started to chat and email each other frequently in December and we decided to do a small love pack exchange :) Blair and I have similar tastes and interests so we each requested some things from each other. I requested specifically from her the Rimmel Gloss Maxx Lipsticks and the Maybelline Angelfit foundation. I've yet to try them for a prolonged period so I will do so soon and review them.
A mask, L'occitane lipgloss, cuticle oil pen, eye spongies, Tony Moly lipbalm and mascara (not to mention her cute little note! Look at that neat handwriting)

Maybelline Angelfit! Can't wait to see how this works on me.

Wow, look at the snacks Blair sent me! We both love food and candies... And Japanese Kitkats!
This is the Ramune flavored KitKat. Yummy, no?

So over the holiday break, I took a family vacation to Winter Park, Colorado for some skiing. This is an annual vacation that my family has taken for over ten years (and to the same place). Here we are at one of the slopes... I am with my mom.

Moguls! Yay :) Like my sticker on my helmet?

The first two days were freezing so I had to use handwarmers. I had these Hello Kitty handwarmers from my friend in Japan. Aren't they cute? They last for about 8 hours too.

On a random note, some guy got JERK written on his car because he parked weirdly... He parked in the middle of nowhere and other people couldn't get out. It was so funny that I just had to take a picture.

It was nice to update again, I've become so lazy to even write blog posts but I'll try to write at least once or twice a week. It is my new year's resolution! I'm also trying to organize another blog sale for myself so maybe next week I will let all of you know when that happens. Thanks for the support that I've gotten from my longtime (and new) readers and followers, thank you so much for staying with me even though I've neglected you all for a month!