Saturday, September 12, 2009

Swap with Lovely Aileen

Way back in May or June, Aileen and I were coordinating a swap together, I would get her some things from Japan that she wanted, and she would get me some Moomin and Marimekko things.
I sent out her package after I returned from Japan in late July and she received it relatively quickly, but the package she sent from Finland took until end of August, but I was happy that I was in suspense!! :)

Luckily it arrived safely and here it is in its glory:

Look at the adorable Moomin stamps!! I love them :)

Some Marimekko items, the red print is a notebook and the green printed on is the wrapping paper of a red pillowcase, it is adorable - I love it!!

Lots of Moomin themed items, I am obsessed with Moomin characters, they are so adorable! In Japan they have many moomin items as well but better from the country of its origin right? Here are some things sweet Aileen got for me: Moomin toothpaste, pillowcase, mug <3,>

The highlight of the package: the adorable Moomin mug! The pink one on the left is the one I bought in Japan (and currently using obsessively... Hehehe. The one on the right is Aileen's gift to me: ORIGINAL Moomin cup! Notice how the Moomin characters look a little different? The one on the left is more "modern" and the one on the right is the traditional drawing of Moomin.

Some awesome Lumene samples and a Cleansing emulsion, can't wait to try it! I don't think I have a cleansing milk at the moment so we'll see how this works on me. I believe CVS carries Lumene in their stores in the US but I've never purchased from there since the price is not that cheap. Hope this works for me, and it's great that it's "sensitive" because I tend to get allergies from perfume and heavy products.

Last but not least, a necklace with adorable handmade clay cakes and sweets! This is the best part, and Aileen kindly made me a cell phone charm too (which I couldn't take a good picture of.. T_T) I love Aileen craftmanship, so delicate and well made! Thank you so much~

Please visit Aileen's jewelry site: Amore Vintage. She has some wonderful pieces and just released parts of her new winter collection. Her pieces are very elegant and intricate, definitely perfect for the sophisticated lady!

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MilknCookiie said...

Your makeup sale blog seems to be only open for invited readers only dear. Those Moomins stamps are so cute!


Shopn'Chomp said...

Omg, your swap pack is sooo cute! *^_^* All that Moomin! And that stamps too...hee hee!

Catherine said...

Aww, how very lovely! Moomin is so cute!

eki said...

aww what a nice swap!!! Aileen is such a sweetie :D what you get her from japan?? :D man I wished I requested stuff from japan too :P

PinkyKathy said...

love that Sweet handmade clay cake.
look so real and yummy, haha.

Chommie said...

oo i know the character on the cup! idk the name but omg so cute!

Blair said...

What a lovely swap!!! I've never heard of Moomin... What is it actually?

Andee Layne said...

Great blog! Please checkout and follow my fashion and lifestyle blog as i will yours! xo

Blovet Beauty said...

this is such a sweet swap... the items are so cute!!!

Iyah said...

awww!!! what a nice swap!! Those moomin items are so adorable esp the mug! :]

Anonymous said...

See... this is a super kawaii swap! <3

M said...

what a sweet swap, i lovvvve moomin!!

The Owl's Closet said...

what a fun swag! looks like u got some goodies there:)

Anonymous said...

I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.