Saturday, September 12, 2009

Quick Update

Hello all!

Wow I haven't updated for more than a week, very sorry.
School just started again this Tuesday so I've been extremely busy trying to adjust to a new schedule and get homework done, but finally it is the weekend!
I also started a part-time job on Sundays so my weekend relaxing time has been reduced... It's hard work and this Sunday is my second time there.

Will update tomorrow sometime in the afternoon so look out for a new post. Also anybody who needs questions answered please ask in the CBOX and I will answer you to the best of my abilities. Also, if anybody has requests for a review or anything, please let me know.

Thanks to all who commented on my contest video entry!! It was my first time so I wanted to hear responses and was happy that they were good responses.. haha. Maybe I will attempt more videos but I'm still camera shy.

One more quick note: blog sale coming soon!


Catherine said...

Hey! Good to hear from you. Good luck with school & your new job. =) Hope you get some time to squeeze blogging in. =)

MiuMiu said...

i still feel like i'm adjusting to my schedule here too lol, too much to do and no time for blogging.
look forward to you next post =)

Chomsiri said...

im starting school in less than 2 weeks and i hate adjusting myself to my new schedule every 3 months!