Friday, June 5, 2009

Crochet Scrunchies + Life Update

Hey -- Everyone go join Miu Miu's 'What is your HG?' Contest! There are 3 winners and each winner gets amazing products from Skinfood!! :)

Happy Friday everyone! It's finally the weekend... Although I have SAT Literature&World Hist. test tomorrow morning T-T

So I've started making these crochet yarn scrunchies after reading about the whole scrunchie ("shu shu" in Japanese) craze in Japan! They are so cute, I'm definitely going to pick up some in Japan in July. I just started making them yesterday and already finished two!

The first one I made is made from pink mohair-ish yarn with silver sparkly string. Isn't it so cute? Would anyone buy these if I make more? :D

Here it is in my odango hair bun. I love it! Thanks to my Japanese magazine Cutie I've learned how to make these cute scrunchies :) And then I put my X-girl scrunchie that came free with another Japanese magazine. Isn't it so cute but wild? Hehe.

Here are two that I made last night--pink and red/orange one. Right now I'm making a blue/purple one... I'll post them as I finish them hehe.

Second thing is that  I won first place in the Japanese kite contest!! I won a round-trip Continental ticket to Tokyo, Japan!!!!! :D Too bad I just bought a ticket to Japan for July but now I can plan another Japan trip with this ticket! I was so happy when they announced the winners, my hard work was rewarded~ 
Haha, here's a picture of me with my kite--the little tail portion says "Continental Airlines" in Japanese. The yellow lettering is my name in Japanese. The design of the kite is Otafuku--a traditional Japanese face depicting beauty. You might recognize it as the logo of a popular natto brand.

Then a picture of my kite in the air... It flew pretty high! Many of the kites in the contest didn't even fly in the air.

Then later on Monday I gave my friend Heejin a little prom makeup help so she could learn some tips to do her own makeup for the prom which was yesterday, June 4th. She is the same girl who helped me with my Goth Loli entry for Eki's contest.

The look is sexy aubergine/black smoky eye look! I was worried it would look bad because it was my first time doing makeup for someone else. I gave her a little cat-eyed liner with MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack. 

I finished off her lips with Urban Decay lip stain pen and curled her hair a bit so it looks very natural. The bangs were poofed up a bit like a coiff and pinned back.

I hope I did a good job teaching you... Hope your prom was fun Heejin!

I've almost sold all of my things in my makeup sale--check it out here! Thank you everyone who purchased from me :) I'm planning on posting more of my stuff during the weekend so look out for that.


Anonymous said...

Congrats for winning the contest!
Ahh... I wished, I could do a trip to Japan soon either... ;)

eri said...

congratulations! that is a truly amazing prize!

MiuMiu said...

wow congrats on the prize! i feel excited just reading that part.

aichaku-愛着 said...

omg!! congratulations on the prize! it's so wonderful. :D

ekimura said...

Hi Hun~

WOW congrats on winning the first place!! that's sooo cool you won a ticket to Japan!! XD

Chomsiri said...

aw cute scrunchies! too bad i have short hair and i dont really tie them up -_-

Yumeko said...

omgggg congrats on winning!

ning * star said...

congrat for winning the contest. hehe
the hair holder is really good hor? hehe =P
have a lovely weekends

BloggingTimes said...

congrats for winning the kite-contest..:)
n wow..those crochet scrunchies are luking really fabulous..especially the pink one..i wonder how u made know to sew the normal scruchies, but neve know how to, with yarn..
anyways..gud job..!! :)

-Yu- said...

YAAY!! i am so happy for you! Congratulations~~ Double the trip to japan! so lucky! I remember scrunchies was the biggest trend back in the 80-early 90's. they look extremely cute in that bun hair style!

Devan Geselle said...


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fuzkittie said...

Omg the scrunchies are so cute! Love the first one!! :D Gives me a fuzzy feeling, hahaha. I like your hair color a lot! :] Do you get it dyed at Michi?? :]

I can't believe you won a free ticket to Tokyo! That is beyond awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

Ahh~ Lucky! A trip to Japan? Wow. Now you get to go 2x! Haha! Well.. if you miss something the first time at least you get to go a second time right?
Eek! More cutesy accessories! You're going to make me fall in love with those scrunchies soon! >.<

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

aww congrats on winning that ticket, awesome :)

the scrunchie looks cute!

i didnt know about the fake bob... well i think i might have seen it somewhere i might try it out if isee the techniques! haha

M said...

omg how cool is that! you wont tickets!!! nice!

when are you going to japan? and which part? i'm going to be there in july as well :D

Gui said...

OMG,u lucky girl!Congrats on winning the contest,u're amazing,as always.Havn't been here for a while,so busy with all my jobs and summer class starts next week.I'm taking some 1 on 1 makeup lessons from a makeup artist that I'm working for,so picked up a lot of tips along the way,at least I'm much better drawing eyeliners and use fake eyelashes.Also I got a hair cut at a japanese salon last week,I cut my hair short again,now it's like the "bob"style,u can see my dp in FB,xixi...