Thursday, June 25, 2009

Giveaway: Perricone MD - DOMESTIC US ONLY

I hope everyone is having a nice week despite all of the rainy and humid weather. I'm actually having a lot of trouble, my internet is horrible atm, I have on and off access to the internet and I'm taking advantage of my connection to provide you this chance to win something from Perricone MD.

Earlier today I was contacted by a rep from Perricone MD to have a giveaway on my blog to win the Advanced Face Firming Activator. This is the first time I was ever contacted by a rep of a cosmetic company! I'm sure many of you have seen the same product being given away on Fuz's blog, here's another chance to win, double your chances!!
Unfortunately, Perricone MD is only offering this chance for readers in the US ONLY so I'm very sorry to all of you international readers! My personal giveaway for 100+ readers will definitely be open to all over the world, so please check that out next time!

These are the rules:
- Must be a follower of BEAUTY SNAP
- Enter your name and email address on the entry form below
- Leave a coment on this post using the account you follow my blog with answering the following questions:
1. Why are you interested in winning this product?
2. Have you ever tried/heard of Perricone MD?
3. What skincare products do you recommend and have worked for you?
- Mailing address must be within the USA
- Anything unrelated will be deleted
- Giveaway ends on July 3rd 2009 at 11:59pm EST
- Winner is randomly picked by
- Winner has 48 hours (until July 5th 11:59pm EST) to contact me with mailing info or new winner will be chosen
- Must agree to provide name and mailing info to Perricone MD

Advanced Face Firming Activator

Description from the Perricone MD site: "Our best seller, Advanced Face Firming Activator, transforms skin to appear firm, toned, and absolutely glowing, while preventing further damage. Formulated with Alpha Lipoic Acid and DMAE that work synergistically to visibly resurface skin's texture, reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and enlarged pores, and reveal a radiant and healthy complexion. Paraben-free."
Retail price: $120.00

Please visit Perricone MD at their site for further information on the product. Check out their skincare products that have been endorsed by popular celebs like Oprah.

I wish you the best of luck and hope everyone has fun participating! Please make sure to answer the three questions above, I'm so excited to read everyone's response!


Linda said...

1. This product looks so wonderful! I would love for my face to glow!

2.I have heard, but never tried.

3. I love Cosmedicine Eye Specialist. It really moisturizes the eye area.


ekimura said...

ohh that's soo cool! they contacted you too! XD

1.sounds like a amazing serum! I want radiant skin!

2. I have heard of Perricone MD, never tried

3.I recommend dermalogica. I love their products everything I have tried have been amazing! ^__^

Lulu said...

ooo that's cool that they contacted you for this contest as well, thanks hon :)

1. I'm interested because I've never tried a HE product like this and I want to have firmer skin, smaller pores, and radiant complexion! Sounds like a wonderful product to try!

2. I've never heard of Perricone MD until now and never tried it.

3. I recommend Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser because it works for even the most sensitive skin, and makes my face soft and clean in the morning.

wendycakes said...

That's pretty awesome that perricone md is the first cosmetic/skincare company to contact you!

1. I'm interested in winning this product because I've tried their Serum Prep before and it worked exceptionally well so I'm sure the rest of their line is the same.

2. I heard and tried this product from Sephora.
3. I recommend Shiseido's Ultimate Sun Protection Lotion SPF 55 PA+++ because it is what it states, it's the ultimate protection for your skin from the sun plus it doesn't leave a white cast on your skin and works great as a primer.

Whit said...

1. Why are you interested in winning this product?
Because Perricone is the shizznit!! and it's too expensive for me to purchase lol!
2. Have you ever tried/heard of Perricone MD?
Yes, every time I go into sephora, they are always sold out on tons of their products
3. What skincare products do you recommend and have worked for you?
Cosmedicine has been really clearing up my acne. I use the healthy cleanse to remove my makeup- and the speedy recovery blemish lotion during the day, and medi-matte to control excess oil and shine.

Fabulousness said...

1. This product looks spectacular and it is way to expensive for me to! Wow and the description of the item sounds fantastic… “reveal a radiant and healthy complexion” that is what I need and want now!! Hope I win [crossing my fingers] : )

2. I have heard and read about Perricone MD in a Magazine..forgot the name but I would really love to try this product.

3. I love to use Boscia Vital Daily Moisture SPF 15 everyday after I wash my face in the morning. I love Mary Kay Blemish Control Toner I use that every night after I wash my face. I also love boscia Balancing Facial Tonic I spray it over my face and neck after I wash my face and put of my moisturizer.

Catherine said...

Oooh, nice!

1. I'm interested in winning this product because it looks like it'll be really great for my acne marks.

2. Yes! But I've never tried any of their products.

3. Well lol, I'm sure you've seen my skincare posts. I love the Ole Henriksen Pick Me Up Face Tonic and lately I've started trying their Truth Serum as well, which I LOVE. It usually takes me several months to get rid of acne marks and it's single-handedly faded a mark on my eyebrow I've had for MONTHS now. I fully expect that the mark will be gone in two weeks. O_O! I also love's lavender cleansing grains and bar soap.

PinkyKathy said...


First, I want this because I wanna try it, and it's free. Who does not like free item?

Second I have never tried it.

Third, I love SKINFOOD product (from South Korea) : Water drop essence in Lettuce and Cucumber. It smells soooo good and really moisture my skin and affordable.

Becca said...

I want to try it because I've got some problem spots on my skin I can't get rid of...I've heard of Perricone recently but I've never tried it. And I just use typical supermarket stuff to clean my face. Boring.
Thanks for the giveaway!

Eve said...

1) I would love to win this product because I got a sample of it when I ordered a face wash from Perricone and I loved it, but the hefty price kept me away.

2) Yes I have a few of their products

3)carmex, dramatically different gel

Cali said...

-I am interested in winning this because I am nearing 40 and could genuinely benefit from the Advanced Face Firming Activator!
-I have never tried Perricone MD products before but have heard great things about them!
-Lancome Genifique has worked wonders for my skin- it's never been
this soft & smooth!

Emma said...

1. His products have an excellent reputation, and I've heard that they actually WORK.

2. Never tried any Perricone MD products, but I have absolutely heard of them. I'm a beauty product junkie and love to learn about the latest and greatest.

3. My favorite "holy grail" skincare products are my beloved Clarisonic (couldn't live without it) and Creme de la Mer.

Amanda said...

I'm a new follower.
1. I'm interested in winning this product because I heard good things about Perricone MD products.
2. Yes I have heard of Perricone MD but never tried it.
3. I recommend Shu Umera phyto-black lift antiwrinkle cream and Origins No Puffery Cooling mask for puffy eyes.

cleung341 said...

1. I am interested in trying this product because it seems like it would work.
2. I have heard, but have not tried Perricone products before.
3. Philosophy skincare products work really well for me.

dreamer0703 said...

1. This product seems effective! I would love to try any anti-aging products!

2.I have heard, and have used a few products of Perricone.

3. I love Elizabeth Arden Eye Capsules. It really moisturizes the eye area.


Jessica said...

1. I am interested in winning this product because from what the description says, it seems like an efficient product.

2. This is the first time I heard of Perricone MD

3. I recommend anyone with acne to try 's acne facial bar. It works wonders! They also have many other great products!

Thx for having this giveaway!


1. The ingredients have been researched and proven effective, so I'm very interested in what in can do to re texurize my skin!

2. I've heard a lot of Perricone MD, but haven't tried any products.

3. Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief. This is a great hydrator, and is great over moisturizer to really seal it in.

Thanks for the giveaway :)

Tammigirl said...

1.I am interested because I would like to have my face look and feel firm.

2. I haven't tried Perricone products yet.

3. I like: Pevonia Botanica lip serum and cream, Lancome genefique, Lancome 5x, and the Lancome moisturizer which contains collogen. Also? Softlips. Essie nail laquers, too - if that counts?

Deborah said...

I'm interested in Perricone MD's Advanced Face Firming Activator because my skin has become dull and soft looking.

I've never tired Perricone MD products. I don't believe I've heard of this company before this.

I always liked Perscriptives for moisturizer. It worked great and gave me a nice glow when I used it.

thamarnan said...

I would really like to try Perricone MD coz Ive heard so many good reputation about their product!

And I've never tried any of their product.

I've been using Shu Uemura skincare whitening line and I've been loovvving it!

Katie said...

Because my face needs all the help it can get!!!
No, I have never heard of them.
I like In an Instant by Heidi Klum - GREAT Firming Serum!

EJ said...

1- I'd love to try this product because my friend actually recommended me this product last semester at school but I never had a chance to try it b/c of the price hehe
2- I have heard about Perricone and just tried some items he has (he uses the entire line)
3- I really like shu uemura cleansing oil =)

tinagirl said...

I would love to try Perricone MD because I've heard that it works
wonders on your skin!
I have never tried Perricone products.
I am crazy about my Freeze 24-7 Intensive Anti-Aging Moisturizer!

Thanks for the chance - Renee
treneebarker at hotmail dot com

Cassie said...

To make my skin fabulous!!! I have heard great things about Perricone... Patricia Wexler does good things for me!