Monday, June 29, 2009

Beautymaker Haul + Beauty Swatch Giveaway

Ah I've been so bad and neglecting Blogger these days! Many apologies, everyone. :(

Join Ji's 100+ giveaway!! Win a stamping kit, dust pigment, and lipgloss plus extra yummy goodies!

I'd like to make two announcements:
Please join my Perricone MD giveaway, it ends this week on Friday, July 3rd at 11:59 PM EST. So far there are 16 comments but 23 entries on ContestMachine. How is that possible!? If you do not leave a comment in the post, YOU WILL NOT QUALIFY TO WIN! ALL ENTRIES ON CONTESTMACHINE THAT DO NOT HAVE A CORRESPONDING COMMENT WILL BE DELETED! Please leave a comment if you did not do so earlier. READ ALL RULES, thank you.
So far people without corresponding Contestmachine entry with name&email:
James H.
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Ginger x
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Secondly, my blog sales still have some items left over and this will be the last week that I am in the US before I leave to Japan on July 6th. Thank you to all previous buyers!
Makeup Sale #6

Ok, so last week I made an order through for some Kevin Beautymaker skincare products, popularly raved by Fuz. I bought the Skin Repair Wakening Gel, the Aquamarine Hydrating Serum, Aquamarine Hydrating Lotion (which I stupidly thought was a toner since some Asian companies call toner, lotion), and Aqua Eye Concealer in Shade #1 Bright.

Many were not available through the site but after emailing Betty, she updated and made them available for purchase again. Thank you so much Betty, great customer service!! :)

This is the Aqua Eye Concealer in Shade #1. I really like the consistency, it's really smooth and light and melts into the skin!

The first pic is my eye with no makeup on and no concealer. The second pic is with the Beautymaker concealer on the undereye area. I think it's pretty nice and brightens up the eye area.

Here is my favorite lipstick at the moment, for the Beauty Swatch Giveaway contest.
It is Clinique Color Surge Bare Brilliance lipstick in Pink Beach (22).
A swatch of the lipstick: very sheer with golden and silver shimmers and close to my natural lip color. The consistency of the lipstick is really smooth and moisturizing. I think this is a sample size lipstick so I'm not really sure on the availability of this shade.

This is a swatch of the lipstick on my arm.

Join this giveaway by clicking this poster below!


Anonymous said...

Oh, Beautymaker haul! ;) Nice! The lipstick looks very pretty on your lips! I love the color!

♥akisa♥ said...

thanks for entering! Cute lipS!

fuzkittie said...

Yay hope you like all that Beautymaker! :D Oh that Clinique lipstick is simply gorgeous, but you have very nice lips to begin with too, hehehe. :D

Jamilla Camel said...

Don't you just love the Aqua Eye Concealer? I got it in the same shade, and it's like a second skin!

Cute lippie!

Zwala said...

haha..finally into BM..:)
n that lipstick is lovely on u..:)

Blair said...

Hey Mika!

Is the Aqua Eye Concealer in Shade #1 a pink-ish/salmon shade?

Oh, I would have thought that it's a toner as well, so I assume the lotion is an emulsion type?


the lippie looks great!

yay, another giveaway!

James H said...

So many giveaways! Woah!

" KT " said...

Hi Mama

Thanks sooo much for the blog sale items, I got them this afternoon and they are FABULOUSSSSSSSS

thanks soo much hun!

Jenna said...

I need to purchase some Beautymaker products like everyone else....

Anonymous said...

OooO another blogger with the Kevin BM concealer...I think I'm next to get it lol

Catherine said...

Oooh, nice haul! That lippie looks just so pretty!

Blair said...

Hey Mika!

Yeah, the peach sake serum smells nice!!

I heard that the cleansing oil by Sana is even better than DHC. You might want to give it a try =D

MiuMiu said...

if i first saw the clinique lipstick, i would have stayed away cuz it looks so pigmented, but i'm susprised at the lovely sheer color it gives on your lips! very nice!

rushx said...

i never knew clinique lipstick looks good. i have a few gwp which i put aside. i guess it's time to bring them out :D