Monday, August 17, 2009

Weekend Update - West 14th & Soho, Haircut

I spent my Thursday in New York City, visiting Chelsea Market, shopping in Meatpacking district (window shopping of course! way too expensive there), and shopping around Soho and Greenwich Village. Has anybody been paying attention to the Next Food Network Star show? I didn't know Food Network was in Chelsea Market!! I wanted to go in but the security guard told us we were not allowed -_-;
Of course, Thursday is hardly the weekend but let's just say I'm a little lazy...

Sadly no beauty-related content today because my damn photos wouldn't upload correctly! I had a Lunasol FOTD and tutorial to show you all but Blogger would load them vertically instead of horizontally like I had saved them as. Frustrating!

Posing like Asian tourists in front of the Stella McCartney store :)
Aren't those robot heads smashing? And look how long my hair is?

Marc Jacobs Special Items store in Greenwich Village on West 4th
This is a Marc Jacobs store that sells cheaper items, very cute!

Haha close up of Marc Jacobs~

A very self-evident sign.

Down one of the streets in the meatpacking district. Yeah... no wonder it's called meatpacking!

3 little pigs.

My very nice purchase from the Marc Jacobs specialty store. (Psst! $5 each!)

BEFORE: No I do not go to the Julliard School (my friends go to Pre-College and I have a friend who goes to college there too.)

AFTER: More sophisticated... and ostentatious.

My lovely Uniqlo t-shirt haul:
Yes I know this one is a little strange... What can I say? I love mice themed clothes and accessories (I am in love with the MJ mice flats and bags!)

Osomatsu-kun! My dad's generation of manga... :)

Ge-ge-ge no Kitaro. Another very old but classic Japanese manga.
I love Uniqlo t-shirts, they are so soft, last a long time and are kind of quirky. I got these $7.90 each! Next time I will show you my entire Uniqlo tshirt collection.

My new haircut:
As many of you know, I go to Michi located in Edgewater, NJ. I've been going there for about 5 years now, and my stylist is Miho. If you happen to be in the area, stop by Michi in Mitsuwa.
My new haircut is an A-line bob. I will post up my inspiration picture next time. The last time I had my hair short was like 4 years ago. It's a nice change for once.

Moderate layers to give it a flow structure.

Ok this has got to be the most unflattering picture of me T_T
But you can see what I mean by A-line bob :)

Sigh... ok side view. It's kind of a wispy feel. Very light, layered, and thinned out. If you have bob hair, it looks terrible if your hair is heavy and thick. You might risk looking like a lamp shade from behind. You want to have lighter layers and some movement.

My wonderful stylist to the left, Miho-san! :) I feel like a giant next to her because she is very short... but I am only 5'2"!

My FOTD that I can't post the pics of the eyes T_T
After a shampoo this is what my hair looks like naturally.

I bought an ice shaver. I'm wreaking havoc!
This is one of my favorite desserts in the whole world: Kakigori (Patbingsu in Korean) and shaved ice in English! I think I ate this dessert like 5 times within the past 3 days.
It's not that fattening because notice I only have a bit of red bean, mochi and condensed milk. Ok maybe it is a LITTLE fattening.. but the rest is basically water.

The green stuff is this homemade green tea syrup I made from sugar starch syrup (idk the Japanese name is Mizu Ame) mixed with a little water and some green tea powder. Ah so delicious! If I have time I will take a picture of my little ice shaver machine :D

Don't forget to join my giveaway!

Ok having major issues with the (Continue Reading thing) -_-;;; trying to fix it!
Does everybody see it? How come my post is still coming out LONG lol!


Ceecile ~Priscilla Clara~ ^^ said...

great post and pictures! ^^
you must be having a great time..
cute haircut, I think the bangs really suits you.. ^^
(I'm also craving for kakigori.. it looks so yummy.. ^^)

Ahleessa said...

Oh mi gosh I love patbingsu especially during this hot weather! Yours look delicious *drool*!!!

Your haircut looks great on you! :)

By the way, I didn't buy any Zoya nail polishes during that time where you exchange your old nail polishes for theirs. I didn't have anything to exchange... hehe~ What colors did you get other than Ki?

adin_22 said...

That's why I miss NY....Great hauls u got there that MJ's is a steal...I like your Uniglo shirt too...and ur hair...looks so good on u...and that Kakigori..looks so yummy...

May said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun in NY. I enjoying reading daily traveling post. Thanks for sharing!

You got some lovely t-shirts and nice hauls.

I love your new haircut. It looks great and cute.

I'm drooling on your ice shaver pictures:]

Anonymous said...

I love your new keychain and hair! :D

Shopn'Chomp said...

I wish I had an ice shaver machine! Your dessert looks delish. :D

I love your new haircut! It is so cute on you. Also I can't believe you got that MJ keychain for $5!!

Blair said...

MJ key chain!!! Me wants!

I love the pictures that you posted! What is the meatpacking district for?

And I like your new haircut! Pretty!!!

Dreary Mouse said...

I love your mouse cheese shirt! :) I'm a bit of a mouse nutter as well. I think it probably all started with the Beatrix Potter books growing up, or maybe The Littles or even Narnia. Either way, I sort of collect lil mice things and one of my nicknames is Dreary Mouse. I also make dressed mouse dolls. You can see some of them on my blog:

Neat blog! Following you. :)

Judy said...

love the dessert!

Zoe said...

So many fun pictures, nice haul..
Love ur hair, I really love those desserts^^

eri said...

great pics!! i love the pigs! i think it's hilarious.

cute haircut too!

Emily said...

wah~ haha thats so funny "no pee pee.." lol the pigs r cute, and love your hair its sooo pretty!

eki said...

NICE new layout~nice uniglo shirts! I love your hair cute so nice! miho does a amazing job!! :D

I love kakigori~ohh mochi looks so good!

Catherine said...

Cute new hair cut! Ahhhh, I love shaved ice! Totally missed out on getting one this summer doh...

Anonymous said...

Very nice chic keychain now.
Love the haircut~! I actually have to get a haircut.. because it's so long right now and heavy without layers -.- I hate getting my hair cut.. you're lucky you found someone you can trust =).
Btw my hubby tells me about that shaved ice and condensed milk dessert. I want to try it one time!! He promised he'd make it for me XD.

*~kAy~* said...

mmm :)
i wonder how ur ice shaver machine looks like :)
i used to have one but it broke :( haha.. didn't use it very much tho :P
you make me wana go buy another machine tho :P

Amanda K said...

Love the MJ key chains.
$5 that's a bargain!
The T-shirts are really cute too!

Jamilla Camel said...

Love the NYC pics and your haircut!!

Layers make asian hair so much easier to deal with!

YES! Shave Ice!

wendycakes said...

i got the same marc jacobs key ring too in bronze! it was ridiculously, i wanted to take the whole store with me home.

MiuMiu said...

i love bingsu! you should try it with condensed milk, a bunch of strawberries and strawberry puree. there's this cafe i went to near me that made it like that..and now i'm starting to crave it!
haha no peepee..i guess urinating is too difficult for some people to read.
wow $5 for the marc jacobs charms? such a steal

Sush said...

New follower here! Great post and pictures! the new haircut looks good on you as well. :)

Anonymous said...

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