Thursday, August 20, 2009

Review: Hada Labo Hyaluronic Face Wash + Giveaway Winner

Today's review will be about the Gokujyun Super Hyaluronic Face Wash by Rohto. Phew, long name!
I got this in Japan because I forgot my facewash on my trip. I paid 732 yen in the drugstore, which is not too expensive.
This can be purchased online at these places for a reasonable price:
Imomoko - Gokujyun Face Wash - $12.00

So what is Hyaluronic Acid?
- It is a very common ingredient in skin care products and plays an integral role in maintaining and regulating moisture. Hyaluronic acid is naturally found in all body tissue, with the highest concentration in the exterior matrix of the skin.
But we all lose the concentration of hyaluronic acid in our bodies as we grow older so it is important to replenish it with our skin care products! :)

This is how the face wash looks, it is a pure white color. The packaging says that there is no scent, no color, no alcohol and oil-free. This is great because I don't really like scented products, I'm very sensitive to scent and I get nauseous if they are too overpowering.

Spread out onto the skin, of course if you had more water it will become a little bit more foamy but I don't think this has sulfates so it doesn't foam up that much at all. The consistency is milky.

Here's the back of the tube with more information, basically it's explaining what Super Hyaluronan is, there's also a diagram that explains how there is a lack of hyaluronic acid on the surface of the skin, and if you use this face wash, it will increase the number of (molecules? lol idk what word to use). The first picture on the left is regular Hyaluronic acid, then the next picture is Super hyaluronic acid, which is 2x as more hyaluronan.

- Really moisturizing, no flaky spots at all. When I did a portion of my hand, only that spot was soft and the other areas were not as soft.
- No strong scent (maybe very mild soap scent), no colorant, no alcohol, no oil
- Not that expensive
- Hada Labo line includes many other products like moisturizer, face mask sheets, toner, and more (same Hyaluronic Acid type or others like AHA/BHA and etc.)
- Easy dispenser, tube

- Not enough product, when I bought mine it was like 75-80% full, now I only have like 50% left
- Japanese product so not readily available in the States but accessible through online retailers

I really love this face wash, it is very moisturizing, it doesn't strip any original moisture on my face. Also I love that there is no strong scent! The consistency is not that watery, more like thick milky texture. I have another facewash that I love, it is the DHC one. That one foams up more like regular soap but it is as moisturizing but it has an herbal scent (rosemary-ish).

4.5/5: 1/2 point off for not enough product

Giveaway Results:
Wow this giveaway was really fun, I liked everyone's answers to my questions and got a feel of what you all want to read about. I received 48 valid entries!
Like I said before, I'm going to try to answer everyone's questions in an About Me post.
Thank you to all old and new followers, I've now reached over 200. Hope to continue this great blogging experience for the future!

Sadly some people had to be disqualified because they were not followers and did not follow rules completely. Hopefully next time those will have a chance to win... :(

So as you can see, I used Excel to write all of the entries and if they were a follower or not, those who were not followers were deleted and I got a person who entered after it closed so that was not valid.
Also the winner was randomly picked by, you can see which number won!

The winner is Lisa from Shop n' Chomp! I'm going to emai you so please send me your address info before Saturday so I can send the package before I go on holiday... again... haha

Thank you for all who entered!! Hope you can win next time :D

And to all that tried guessing my age, only 1 person got it correctly.
Today is my birthday, I'm turning 17 years old... -_-
I'm always embarassed about my age because many people think that high school students do not have the capacity to associate with older adults in the same way. But thank you to all of you who like to read my blog, even though I may be a little younger than most.


Blair said...

Happy Birthday sweetie!!!

I've been wanting to try something from Rohto Hadalabo for a while now. Thanks for reviewing its face wash!

And congrats Lisa!

Emily said...

Happy 17th b-day! (too bad i guessed it wrong, lol sorry :] but i mean thats good that u look more mature, .....much better than me, im 16 and ppls always think im younger than 16 , it sucks)

thanks for the review, hyalronic is good.....congrats to Lisa! ^_^

Tamara said...

Whohooo congratulations!

And that review is very helpful! I think I'm obsessed with skincare, so yah.. xD

Shopn'Chomp said...

Thank you guys and to Mika for this awesome giveaway! :D

Mika, you are so young and cute! You're right. Your fine writing made it difficult to guess correctly.

And thank you for this face wash review. I have seen it at the supermarket but was lost since I can't read Japanese. :(

Have a great day!

dreamer0703 said...

Happy Birthday Mika Gian!! the cleanser review is aweswom, thanks!

Music said...

Happy Birthday! :) I think maturity has nothing to do with age. So enjoy your being young for now! :)

Keely Valentine said...

were the same age! thats so great! its hard to find young serious bloggers.
I love your review btw, I really want to try this stuff it sounds like it might actually help my terrible skin

Catherine said...

Happy birthday! =)

Phoebe85 said...

Happy Birthdayy!!!!!!

quidnunc! said...

happy 17th birthday! :D

adin_22 said...

Happy Birthday!!:)....Congrats Lisa!!!:D

Zoe said...

Happy Birthday^^I wish u all the best^^
Thanks for the review*I really wan t to use such products , they have it online on Sasa?

denise said...

congrats to the winner :D
and thanks for the review!!

Anonymous said...

Whattt 17? Sigh* I feel so old -___- Only kidding ;P Congrats on hitting the 1-7!!
Thanks for the advice on the La Mer lipbalm. Which leads me to ask.. does it do anything else other than just moisturize? Does it diminish lines or anything??

MiuMiu said...

hope you had a happy birthday!
you must agree that there was quite some catching up on blogger after your trip right? hehe i'm still in the process of going through posts that i missed XD
thanks for the great review~!

h€ a r t b r€ a k€ r said...

were off the same age! ;D

plain.jane said...

it's made in china.. i am quite apprehensive...

Farina said...

i've used it for more than a month. I think this may be the best product i've ever tried. i love it. less hassle coz not so many product to apply on the face.

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