Thursday, August 20, 2009

Giveaway Closed!

Today is my birthday! It is 12 AM now. Actually my "real" birthday is 12 noon haha.
My giveaway is now closed, I will be going through the entries and picking the winner through

Thank you so much to everyone that entered! I'm going to answer the questions everyone asked through a FAQ or All about Me post. I really enjoyed reading all of the great entries.
And surprisingly, only 1 person got my real age correct!
Wow does everyone think I am so old? Haha I bet you will all be surprised how old I am... Maybe my writing style sounds so mature?

Anyway the winner will be posted tomorrow so look out for that! Thanks again for all who entered.


rhaindropz said...

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to you!

(a song for you!!! hee hee)

*muah* happy birthday sweetie

(Tagalog version)
"Maligayang Kaarawan!"

love lots,

Shopn'Chomp said...

Happy Birthday, Mika!! Hope you have a fantastic day! :)

Aquaheart said...


have a wonderful day!

♥ ♥

Aika said...

Happy Birthday Mika! Enjoy it <3 ^.^

Anonymous said...

happy birthday! xoxo!

Aika said...

XD Yes, you sound very mature Mika...wise. It'll only get better ^.^ Lol, anyways take care! <3

adin_22 said...

Happy birthday!!!!!!!

Tamara said...

Ohhhh happy birthday dear! May it be a special day for you!

mint said...

happy birthday!

denise said...

so i guess you're not 20??
xD maybe 18 then??? :)

Xine said...

Happy Beerday! hahaha :))
Now I wonder what your real age is. hmm..

mandy said...

Happy Birthday!! :)

Valz said...

Happy birthday!

IchigoBunnie said...

happy birthday!!! :)

hope you have a great one ^___^

DonDon said...

Happy Birthday! Hehe, i think i got your age wrong...>_<