Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Swap with Jennifer (Beeyoutiful7) + BB Cream Reviews

I've received Jennifer's package last week and finally found some time to take pictures and post everything up. Jenn is my first official swapper~ Thank you so much Jennifer, you are undoubtedly sweet and generous!! To visit her cute blog, click here.

We originally started the swap because Jenn was craving for the pink Japanese hair velcro. Then it slowly escalated through many fun emails.. and here is what became of it. Once again, thank you Jen! I love everything, including the cute treats you included hehe :)

Look at the adorable packaging! Easter themed and such cute HK stickers~

Jenn provided me with some The Face Shop products since I've been wondering about the brand for a while... I've found a location near me but didn't have the guts to purchase anything. She also gave me samples of BB creams and cleansers for me to try, since I've never tried BB cream.

Today I'm reviewing the two BB creams she sent me, Skin79 Super+ Beblesh (Pink version) and The Face Shop "The Skin" BB cream.
BB Cream Review

Skin79 Super+ Beblesh (Pink):
(BB Stats format courtesy to KIMOKO of Livejournal)
Coverage: Sheer – Medium (didn't really cover dark circles)
Texture: Creamy but light, blends right into skin, not cakey
Shade: Grayish neutral undertone
Fragrance: Slight rose-like scent but fades after a minute
Oil-Control: Pretty good, shine after 7 hours
Dewy/Matte: Matte but not heavy
Overall: I liked this bb cream a lot! It didn’t make my skin look too ghoulish or have a white cast. One thing is that you can’t really see a noticeable difference in the skin after application. I haven’t tried this enough to see if it oxidizes throughout the day. This bb cream is triple function—whitening, sun protection, and anti-wrinkle protection.

The Face Shop "The Skin":

Coverage: Medium – Heavy (sort of covered my dark circles)
Texture: Creamy, a little hard to blend.
Shade: Grayish yellow
Fragrance: Medium strong scent, doesn’t disappear until 2-3 hours later. I don’t particularly like this scent.
Oil-Control: Not bad, didn't have to blot. (But I'm don't have particularly oily skin.)
Dewy/Matte: Matte and made my skin look a little cakey
Overall: I really didn’t like the smell of this bb cream. However I have a very sensitive nose (I am the kind of person that gets nauseous at the smell of heavily scented hand creams). This bb cream leaves a whitish cast on the skin that may be appealing to some. I don’t think this bb cream shade matched me very well. This bb cream is pretty good except the smell and tendency to get cakey if applied too copiously.

The BB creams were cool to try, I'm so happy I received them in the swap! I think BB creams are hit or miss, it's very difficult to find a good one without a trial test. I'm VERY interested in trying the L'egere bb cream but I haven't really found a good price for it online yet. I want a BB cream that can moderately cover my dark circles... It seems that L'egere does that for many.

I'll try to do reviews on some of the other things Jenn sent me like the Oriental Herb Face Shop Oil Gel cleanser, Bobbi Brown blush in French Pink, Egg Peeling Mask, and many more!


Gui said...

Haha,yeah,I'm the first one to post comments.I've tried some of The Face Shop's mask sheets,they're kindda effective when my skin gets really dry in winter,but I don't know why sometimes I have pimples on my forehead after using it.Still prefer washable sink-in masks,The body shop and Origins have some good ones.For BB cream,I've been wondering about it too,saw a few reviews about a Korean one,but I bought a really nice green makeup base in SH,I'll let u try when we meet.By the way,I always have very bad dark circles even if I sleep well,so it's hard to find a light,non-greasy concelear,I've tried bobbi brown and benefit,but feels a little bit heavy due to their creamy texture. However,recently I bought a mineral power foundation which does all the jobs for me within 30s.Anyway,have fun trying all the products(I see fake eyelashes...haha)!

Blair said...

Ohh cool swap!!

fuzkittie said...

Do you have super dark circles? L'egere won't be able to cover it all if they're super dark. They can't really cover mine... but I don't like to use it on the eye area anyway. Good reviews!

✿Ji✿ said...

Cute swap!♥

beeyoutiful7 said...


im happy that you like them =)

i need to update as well !

ill try to update tonight!

hope school isnt too stressful!


MiuMiu said...

thats a huge swap!
i'm so puzzled as to why some of the bb creams are called beblesh cream/balm....is that even a word!?!? XD

ning * star said...

nice swap!

DSKNguyen said...

Jennifer would label everything =P!