Thursday, April 16, 2009

New Haircut + Fashion

Hey everyone :)
Yay I sold my first items! DHC Acerola 100, DHC a-Arbutin White Mask, and the brown Ruehl No. 925 shirt are now SOLD! Now there are only 3 DHC White Masks available. All sale items are in this post (click).

Anyway so I finally got a haircut! I didn't cut my hair since January, now it feels so light and airy, less weight on my shoulders (literally!) I dyed my hair myself on Monday even though I originally thought I wasn't going to... I used a very old version of Palty hair dye and it miraculously still worked. hahaha. The color was Cinammon Ash but I don't think this color is available anymore.
Also I have a fashion post from the Friday before I went to Boston. I'm wearing a Ruehl No.925 shirt, Aerie tanktop, and True Religion jeans from Saks Outlet (of course!!) Sorry for the glaring face, I didn't know the picture was being taken hehe! Compare my hair length in this pic with the one above.. What a difference!

I have a fashion post for what I wore yesterday, April 15th. In the pic I'm wearing Uniqlo purple 100% merino wool sweater, Madewell gray gingham cotton shirt, and Uniqlo skinny/straight jeans. I love Madewell! It's such a versatile brand, you can dress the clothes up or down to casual. They sell clothes that could match work or casualwear. The Madewell that I most often go to is the NYC Soho one since I live in northern NJ (only 15 min from Manhattan). They have a special event on every first THURSDAY of the month. It is a jeans day and they offer $25 off a regular price pair of jeans from 7-9 PM with drinks and DJ.

Some of my favorite brands are Uniqlo, Madewell, J.Crew, American Eagle for basic tees and tanks, and Ruehl No. 925 (catered to older crowd, same company as A&F). I like simple, classic style clothes and I often wear cardigans with a tshirt and jeans for everyday school-wear. Sometimes I'm more adventurous and I wear a casual blouse/shirt with black tights and shorts. Many people say that I dress a lot older than my age and I think that's true but I enjoy wearing polished yet comfortable clothes. I've inherited my mother's fashion-designer genes I guess!
If you have recommendations on brands that make similar tops like Madewell, please let me know!
Random Question of the Day: What are your favorite clothing brands?


beeyoutiful7 said...

hey cutie <3

I think this is my first time seeing a picture of you (?)

Your skins gorgeous and soo glowy <3

I like ur fashion style <3

I do love J.Crew store !
Their fabrics and COLORS are gorgeous.


ekimura said...

hi cutie!
your hair cut and the color looks good on you! XD

M said...

i love the boots at madewell!

i get the beauty bible at the local chinese bookstores and news stands. online yesasia sells it but its double the price

Yumeko said...

i used to try palty but now i think beauteen is better
but then now i am lazy and i just go to the salon to get my hair dyed hahah
ur skin is really good
i am soo jealous

aichaku-愛着 said...

gawsh! u look so nice cute in those clothes+new hair+dye. what do people mean u dress older? doesn't look old to me.

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

the hair cut! really suits you!

digging the plaid :D

My fave label is topshop and zara. I miss Topshop ALOT!! ;_;

heartofpearl ♡ said...

hi thanks for leaving a sweet cm:) sorry it took this long to get back to you hehe! the earring holder isnt actually anna sui but i do love those similar designs too!
i like your hair :D i really wana try something diff but am too afraid haha.. ohwel! x

MiuMiu said...

you look so cute =)
i think uniqlo is starting to be my favourite brand..cuz nothing else in korea really catches my eye. today i'm wearing all uniqlo haha

Sassy Jadore said...

hi girl~ I luv ur casual outfit and cute haircut too. =) we both seem to luv fashion too.

Gui said...

Hello Me love,this is Penny,haha.U look soooo good in the pictures,my 'sausage' is growing big time=)Never know u're also interested in makeup.I've tried tons of skincare products and bought a lot of makeup over the past 4 years,and I finally found some really good ones.We sure have to exchange info when I come over,muah.Looking forward to ur new posts.
P.S.:I started a Sina blog when I first came to Vancouver,I used it to record my feelings along the way,hehe,so it's mainly written in Chinese~

Anonymous said...

Wow, I need to look more into Madewell, the clothes look like they suite my tastes. Your outfits are so cute, esp the grey gingham blouse! Ohhh, I want. I love shirts like those, so casual. Cardigans are my best friend. I haven't been shopping for clothes for many months, thanks for inspiring me :) Do you know if I can get Madewell online? I doubt there's a shop here in Louisiana.

Anonymous said...

pretty skin! omg i envy you ^_^

you look so gorgeous~


brand I would say Bench. it's local and it's sort of cheap :o

fuzkittie said...

Aww you're so cute! I'm jealous, True Religions never look right on me! I have that same Madewell plaid shirt!! It's cute~~ :]

disi421 said...

I lov J.Crew n Ruehl too! n I am in love with Free People n Urban outfitters lol their clothes are sooo pretty//