Thursday, April 2, 2009

Laura Mercier&MAC Haul + MM Mascara Review + Spring Break

Today I went over to Bloomingdales for the Private Sale ($25 off $100 purchase). Unfortunately, the Laura Mercier counter ran out of the Gilded Garden Shimmer Bloc! But luckily there was another counter over in Saks so I was able to indulge in another purchase...
I went back to Bloomingdales after seeing the MAC counter (which still had the limited edition HK line). I saw the TLC in Popster on Fei's blog Pandablush and was tempted once again to make another buy... ^^; I ended up spending $15 on the TLC (couldn't use the coupon) and $40 in Saks for the LM shimmer bloc (which I loveee, thank you Fuz for recommending!)
I whipped out the DSLR to practice with it and took pics of the shimmer bloc and lippy.
I bought too many things these few weeks so next month I'm going to limit my spending. I made some money on Ebay so I've been investing it on cosmetics! Now I think I spent most of the earnings made recently from Ebay so I will have to stop purchasing.. haha
Laura Mercier Gilded Garden Shimmer Bloc
Isn't it beautiful...? :D
MAC Tinted Lip Conditioner - Popster

It's a coral color and looks scarily bright in the jar. However, on the lips it's a subtle stain. It can be more pigmented if you apply a lot.

Review on MM Mascara - Lash Expander Frame Plus
I didn't take a 'before' picture because I applied it in the morning but I'll probably do it some other time..
Comb applicator makes application smoother
Holds the lash curl
Doesn't weigh lashes down
Doesn't smudge or smear
Doesn't feel crusty to touch

Too many fibers on the applicator sometimes (can be easily fixed)
I still have to use my brush thing to make sure there are no clumps
Sometimes makes my bottom & top lashes to get stuck together when blinking
Sort of difficult to remove but not bad

I love this mascara! All other mascaras weigh my lashes down and never hold the curl (even if I use primer). Lashes have been curled in pictures below. Please excuse the dark circles, I've been sleeping at 2 AM lately.. -__-;
I tried to do swatches of the Jill Stuart Blush Palette but the colors came up too sheer to take a picture of! Any advice on how to swatch? Every time I try the colors are too sheer to show up on the pic...
Next week I have off for spring vacation so I'm leaving on Sunday to Boston and Amherst, MA to visit colleges. Does anyone have suggestions for shopping (cosmetic, fashion, etc.) areas to go? I'm looking for outlet malls but not sure if they are good in MA. Please leave some suggestions on where to go if possible! Thank you~


Ladyfei♡ said...

Hehe thank you! Omg really? thats what exactly other beauty bloggers did to me too.. Haha.

Popster is LOVE! Maybe its not shown in my pic, but its actually really pigmented.. i dont know maybe its the flashcamera..

Thanks >< yeah mine is d60 nikon.. i want new lense -_- i havent used it yet, ppl say its good for liquid foundation but i dont really use foundation =)

yeah i love this song too! btw ur eyes are soo pretty! i envy ppl who has big eyes and long eyelashes>_>

beeyoutiful7 said...

hi babe,
you finally got LM !!!
I can't wait to get mine soon <3

I have the HK Pink Fish instead of the Popster. hehe..

If you're trying to swatch anything pigments, I'd say use UDPP (primer potion) and swatch it over it = )

enjoy new goodies babe


beeyoutiful7 said...

If you're trying to swatch ur blush palette, UDPP will work too..

if you don't have it, just use light nude cream shadow as a prime potion.

But, if you love makeup, you need a primer for sure =)

let me know how that goes =)


Diane said...

You should try using a face primer because I think that UDPP is used for the face. You normally wouldn't wear it under your blush. If it's sheer and the colors don't really show, it's okay. Swatches are to let the rest of us know how it looks so if it's sheer, it's sheer. It not your fault!=) You should take one of its sheerness just for the heck of it.

Maybe it's the seasonal changes like you said. I remember that I started breaking out when I moved from MA to MN. I hated it cause idk. I blamed moving the factor. haha. I was 13 so it could have been just aging.

Yumeko said...

ooooh u got the LM bloc!!!
i am sooo lemming for it aha

fuzkittie said...

Yay isn't it beauuutiful!! Hehe glad you like the MM mascara.

✿Ji✿ said...

Hey girl, thank you for the sweet comment!<3
I´m such a noop at doing tutorials, but I´ll try!>///<

By the way the blush looks sooo pretty!^-^

MiuMiu said...

i love that MM mascara too, except sometimes it gets clumped a bit for me.
for the mangosteen peeling gel, did you use it on your skin when it was wet and just massage it like face wash? or did you leave it on and let it dry? i've seen it before in korea, but i dunno how to use it @__@ so i didn't get it yet

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

omggggg I am lemming after the blush! it is pretty :D popster looks pretty too :)

glad the MM mascara is working you! I havent used mine yet, still waiting to use up the older lash expander version :P

Blair said...

LM's shimmer bloc is so pretty!

Gui said...

MM mascara is so good,I bought its first version when I went to Japan last time,I'm also using Lancome's L'Extreme mascara,love both.Gonna get more MM next year in Tokyo!