Monday, March 23, 2009

Reviews: Revlon Colorstay Foundation & Mangosteen Peeling Gel

Hello! I was asked to do a review on the Revlon Colorstay foundation and whether or not it gave me breakouts. Prior to my purchase, I've used a sample of this foundation in Normal/Dry Sand Beige 180 for about a week. It's a very nice foundation that feels light on my face, not cakey or heavy. The coverage is about medium or heavy if applied copiously. I mentioned my DHC Q10 foundation in my previous post and compared to that, this foundation is a little creamier but still a light liquid foundation. This foundation is available in Oily/Combo skin version too and has a wide array of shades!
I got three small pimples on my face this week but I don't think it's from the foundation because I applied it last wk and it didn't cause me any immediate problems. I think the pimples are from my bad eating habits.. (too much chips and Japanese crackers haha) I'll keep using this to see if it will cause me any more breakouts.
This foundation tends to dry VERY quickly so blending is a little difficult but manageable. I like how it gives a smooth application and the color stays on for a very long time. It's supposed to stay on for about 16+ hours. It gives a dewy glow and has a little bit of shimmer in the finish.
The only thing I don't like about this foundation is that the bottle doesn't have a pump or anything so it's hard to get the foundation out without spilling too much. I want to buy a stippling brush to apply this foundation but I need to find a good one from Ulta, Sephora, or Sonia Kashuk maybe.

Ok, second thing I'm reviewing is the Mangosteen Peeling Gel from the company Sweet&Sour. This is a Japanese product that I received from my aunt. I believe she purchased it at Tokyu Hands. I think the price is about 1300 yen. It's a gel with AHA, which is supposed to quicken your skin cell turnover rate. The gel smells good, but the smell is faint and doesn't bother me. I wet my hand a little and rubbed on the gel and the gel picked up dead skin cells and created little white balls. I have a picture of the back of the bottle to describe this process. Overall it leaves my skin brighter, smoother, and softer after I use it (usually on my face). I have another peeling gel from Japan with mango&hyaluronic acid but I like this mangosteen one better.
I liked it so much that I asked my aunt to buy me a second bottle! I only use this about once a week or alternate between this and some other scrub/mask.


Yumeko/Bittenbefore said...

i love buying peeling gels XD i'll check this one out


beeyoutiful7 said...

I've tried the Revlon foundation for a week when my foundation didnt match&didnt have time to go to the they do work great! i agree with u..i wish they had pump thingy..

Japan always makes the interesting stuff! =)

Great review.

fuzkittie said...

Gotta love peeling gels!! I love mango too hahahha

The Blogger said...

hey Mika..
Thanq so much for posting up the reviews of revlon as requested..Anyways..its gud to see that its doing well. Its been several years that ive dumped the Revlon foundation in to the bin..that made my skin turn in to red/scratchy looking skin. Ofcourse mine is sensitive is the reason that im luking twice b4 diggin in. Anyways..keen to look further updates..!!
bye n take care..!!

Blair said...

Mangosteen peeling gel? Ahh even the packaging is cute! Japanese stuff are the best haha

Gui said...

I love scrubs,Benefit's Honey&Almond scrub is nice.I'm willing to try another one from Origins,last time a sales person demoed the scrub on my hand,it felt absolutely wonderful...