Monday, March 9, 2009

Knockoff Bobbi Brushes & ULTA Mini-Haul

I ordered some Bobbi Brown brushes off of Ebay last week and received them on Saturday. I was so excited to get them, as I purchased ten for roughly fifty dollars. However I was so surprised when I opened them! And let me tell you, not the good surprise. T_T

First off, the brush case was not a very soft plastic, as the brush case is supposed to be like... I compared my ebay brush set with one from Saks Fifth Ave on the same day I got it. Secondly, when I opened the case, the brushes had this distinct odor to them, not sure what that was (I don't want to know haha). Then I looked at the brushes and the Face Blender brush was spelled incorrectly! It was spelled like Face Btender. Can you believe it? How can a designer cosmetic company with such renowned fame like Bobbi Brown possibly spell a label incorrectly?

Not possible, I decided. So I've concluded that the brushes were knockoffs. Fortunately I was able to organize a return with the seller. I originally though that the buyer was trying to scam me but she told me that she was selling them for a neighbor. Also she wasn't really a beauty product seller so I guess her excuse is believable.
I've learned my lesson and now I will check pictures and the seller to make sure a product is 100% authentic! I guess at that price the deal was too good to be true. :(

For something on a good note, I went out on Saturday to cheer myself up with a beauty purchase.

I purchased: Covergirl Sparkle Topcoat in Amethyst Mist, OPI Do You Lilac It?, OPI Gargantuan Green Grape, and Nail Tek's Extend Polish Thinner <-- to Asami's recommendation

I tried out OPI Do You Lilac It? two days ago and it was SO STREAKY! I was so disappointed but then yesterday I tried out the Nail Tek thinner and repainted three of my nails (pointer, middle, ring). Application wasn't as streaky and overall the nail polish looked better! I think the thumb looks horrible compared to the three that I repainted.. So gloopy.
My cuticles are so dry... Don't blow up the pics! Haha :)


Yumeko/Bittenbefore said...

glad u can return them!! yeah i worry abt buying brushes online too because i am afriad they are knockoffs

i hate streaky nail polish but the color is pretty ^^

p.s thanks for ur visit and comment! i look forward to hearing more from you! i'll be checking out ur blog too!

Asami said...

Hey, thanks for the shout-out! OPI's "Gargantuan Green Grape" is heaven, I love it as tips. I'm so glad to hear Extend is working for you. I find about half of polishes too thick for me, so it's a life saver. Especially my clear top coat, since it's open more than any of my other polishes it starts to get gloopy quickly. I'm always adding a drop or two of Extend to it and it makes it as good as new. :)

And may I add that I absolutely adore your polka dot background! That sort of green is my favorite color. :)

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

Thanks for the comment ^^ the nail colours are super cuteeeee! Ive had bad a exp. with ebay too - never again!

Beauty Snap said...

Yumeko - Thank you for becoming my first follower and commenting! I don't think I'll ever buy brushes on ebay ever again... Bad experience T_T I like the color too and thanks again :)

Asami - I've been reading about GGG in nail blogs and it was so pretty so I had to get it. Also my school class color is green so I'll have to use this nail polish for an "olympics" event in my school. I'm so happy about Extend, I owe it all to you! Hehe, the background is from a Japanese graphics site.

Nic Nic - Thank you to you too :) I hope I never have to deal with fake items ever again on ebay... I still like to look at stuff on ebay though hahaha.

Asami said...

Cool! At least you'll get a lot of use out of "Gargantuan..." :)

Extend is awesome. I'm on my second bottle now, (with the original cap of course). Hehe.

Beauty Chest said...

oh man the purple is so pretty on you!

Gui said...

Ahhhh,pretty purple!