Sunday, November 8, 2009

Review: Kose Clear Turn Hyaluronic Acid Mask

Today I will be reviewing a product! It's another mask... Yeah I know I've been only reviewing masks these days but I haven't been applying makeup lately due to stress induced acne (so sad right?)

Also I've been having some ear piercing infection problems since last week. I first got my earlobe pierced in August so my piercing is not that old yet. I wear all 14-18k gold/white gold earrings so not a problem with the metal allergy. Last week I had some yellowish puss, redness and swelling but I did a hot water sea salt bath for my ear everyday for 1 wk. I shouldn't have stopped but this week my ear seemed to be normal so I stopped. However now it's getting itchy again and my earlobe is still swollen (no redness though). I don't think it's really necessary to go to the doctor since there's no puss or bleeding. Right now I'm doing the salt bath again and using the solution from the piercing place. What do you all do when you get piercing infections?

Anyway on to the review!
Kose Clear Turn White Hyaluronic Acid Mask

This mask is sometimes available in Mitsuwa but I would recommend checking Sasa out

Instructions and some details about how hyaluronic acid works. Read more about Hyaluronic Acid in my review for the Hada Labo Facewash.

When you open the package

On my face

- Very, very moisturizing! A+
- Mask fabric is thin but liquid solution is gel-like and very concentrated
- Mask fabric reminds me of a paper towel, sticks so well to my face and fits my face well
- After I pat residue on my face, my face is very smooth
- No scent, no irritation

- Leaves a slight stickiness but goes away immediately after patting in residue

Overall Rating:
5/5 :)

For my Japanese class I had to make a Kyaraben or Character Bento. Bento is a very big cultural aspect of Japanese life, bento is basically a lunch box or box food. There are varieties of bento from cheap convenience store bento to very deluxe and high quality bento with gourmet food (some cost 100 dollars or more...).

A kyaraben was originally a creation made by mothers for their children to make food appealing to eat. Also the kyaraben was made to combat picky eaters or other problems that some children have such as the dislike for vegetables. In general, the kyaraben is just so fun to look at and eat!

So this is my kyaraben...
Isn't it kind of scary and cute at the same time?

It's actually supposed to be Totoro but I'm not very good at making kyaraben to look exactly like the character so this is my best.. Haha. I'm going to try to make bento for myself at least once a week and maybe improve my cooking skills. Most kyaraben use cute cutters to make shapes and various accessories like decoration toothpicks. I have these little rice shaping molds that make rice into cute animals like rabbits, frogs, and bears but I don't know where those molds went!


ning * star said...

lol... i want u to be my mummy... because i want the bento. haha xD so cute!

Blair said...

Squeal! You're good at this, Mika!! Please do post more of your bento creations =D

I've gotten into a masking frenzy too! All because of how my face is behaving lately, it's so dehydrated and spotty =[

I wonder if my local Sasa has this mask from Kose?

Lulu said...

oh my goodness, your bento box looks adorable!!!

Thanks for the review :) I like Kose clear turn masks too :) even though the paper is thin, it fits my face really well and stays on really great!

Sorry to hear about your ear piercing infection. I actually battled with mine for almost TWO years (I pierced it in fall of 07) and it's finally completely healed *knock on wood* I think my body was really really intolerable against any sort of foreign metals, I've tried platinum, white gold, surgical stainless steel, sterling silver = all of which are suppose to be great materials for people who have sensitive and allergic skin! But during the healing process, none of which helped. i basically just kept one stud in for few months at a time, every time I needed to change it cuz I got really really tired of the one I kept wearing to keep the piercing in tact, it'd be a two person effort! hahaha..the bf had to help me to look where the stud was going and it'd always hurt so much :( For about the first year and half, I also religiously wash my ear lobe with Dr. Bronner's gentle soap (baby blue bottle), and then after I got out of shower I'd apply emu oil onto the pierced areas (it has antiinflammatory and healing properties, plus if you change earrings, it helps to lubricate too) -- and also when I first pierced my ears I did the sea salt soak every night. and finally, you can use warm chamomile tea to soak your ears too as it also has anti-inflammatory properties. All of these were recommended by my piercer. I am so happy that my piercings has finally healed, and now I can change earrings freely BY MYSELF w/out hurting or worried about the earring not going through. I spent SO much effort trying to make my piercing stay and work, only because the first time when I pierced it (when I was younger) it also got infected badly so my mom took the studs out and naturally the piercings grew back :( When I pierced it in 2007, I was so determined to make it work, hahaha. Anyway, my case is probably a very very extreme case, considering how long my ear kept acting up and get infected so often. But hopefully this will be somewhat of an useful information for you. Good luck with yours! <3

Soapaholic said...

The kryoben is so cute!! Wish my mom made that for me when I was little haha!

Blovet Beauty said...

Ur Kyroben is so cute !!! Mika, tat masks looks very very moisturising... a great choice for dehydrated skin... better still since you reviews that there's no irritation!!

naomi said...

oh my god how adorable is your bento!!? I love it :)

Aralka said...

Woow! you made bento! It looks amazing! And i know Totoro, I love him!

Uinisan said...

The whole piercing infection well I've had heaps since I was obsessed with piercing my ears bak in high school, I had 7 piercings down 1 ear and 4 down the other ear bak then hahhhhahaa... What I did was... let the hole close up and have them repierced again, coz sticking it out with the pain and itchiness just wasn't working for me. Second time round wasn't too bad and the infection never came back since then. Along the way I took out most of my earrings and let some of the ridiculous piercings close up for a better cleaner image hahahaha. I mean you only need one hole per ear :) I currently have 2 on each ear which I'm happy about.

Shop N' Chomp said...

Mika darling, that looks delish and cute at the same time. *drools* Fab job, love! Wish I knew how to make character bentos.

I love how much essence is in that mask! They were definitely not stingy I see. :)

I haven't gotten infected ears in a while but I remember I used to just clean it with alcohol and be earring free until it healed. Hope your infection heals soon!

~Lisa said...

Sorry to hear about your ear infection! Hope it gets better. When I first got my ears pierced, I left the earrings on for 3-6 months an d put on the solution 3x a day.

And I want to try that mask, you make it sound so good!! ^-^ I wish Canada would carry more sheet masks

Your kyaraben is so cute!! ^-^ We rarely have cute lunch boxes in Canada. Most teens just go out for lunch -.-

Follow me?

amynaree said...

cute bento and awesome mask review!

i have such a mask addiction right now and i want to try them all lol

Catherine said...

Hmmm, for me, I've never really had a piercing infection, but when I first got my piercings sometimes they would ooze a little and then dry up like earwax? I used to put a little metholatum on my post & put it in that way the skin on the inside of the piercing could be exposed to it. Maybe you might consider trying this with neosporin? Sounds like you might need something a bit stronger than salt... =/ The salt baths sound like a fabulous idea though - I would probably do hot baking soda water baths too, since that's my go-to for wound healing. Good luck! & definitely see a doctor if it gets worse again!

Love your bento too!! I totally knew it was supposed to be Totoro - who could mistake that grin!? :D

Yumeko said...

you made a very cute bento!!!

K said...

Ooooh nice mask! I love your bento!

As you might know from my blog, I have a lot of piercings. The salt bath works for sure! Also, things you might want to try are not to sleep on your side, and to keep your hair off of your ears! Be careful using disinfectants since most of them are too strong for your ears! Please let me know if you need some more advice!

K said...

Oh by the way, I have sensitive skin too. My neck and arms turn red QUICKLY!!!

cushycottage said...

your kyaraben is so cute. i think i'm going to start making kyaraben at least once a week as well. hopefully it's not too much effort :P

i had piercing infection ~7 years ago. it was so painful that i gave up wearing any earrings and let the piercing heal. i have 5 piercing now instead of 6. hope you have better luck than me.

Lilee said...

nice blog!

Anonymous said...

Hello beautiful! It's been a while since I commented!

I recently got an ear infection, I think the hot water sea salt works best you gotta keep doing it for a while tho I think it was for 2 weeks+ and try not to fiddle with the piercing as well. Avoid getting any hair products on the piercing that might cause it to get infected as well.

I will be trying this mask out! Thank you for reviewing it!!

Your kyaraben looks so cute! Making me hungry now.

Hope you are well.

MilknCookiie said...

When my earlobes get swollen and all that, I just try to disinfect them as much as possible. Maybe it's because the earrings are heavy or something? I hope it goes away later!

★ Cookiie

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