Monday, November 2, 2009

Hauling: Sasa and Shu Uemura

Happy Belated Halloween! I didn't go out yesterday for any halloween celebration, I celebrated on Friday.
I also finished the early app that was due for November 1st :) Thank you to all of those who left very nice and comforting comments!
Here's my Halloween costume:
Do you know who I am? Take a guess. I'm a popular 60's cartoon character--which one? :)
I was in a group with a bunch of people doing all of the characters from this particular cartoon.

So I've made some hauls during the month of October that I haven't shared with you guys. I decided to take advantage of the sale at Sasa and go for the Silk Whitia buy one get one free deal. I picked three types of masks and and got 6 boxes in total... I'm not really sure if I love the Silk Whitia masks as some others do. I've used two kinds so far: the Anti Oxidation Whitening Mask and the Whitening and Moisturizing Mask. I also got the free little cookie mirror that came with the special free shipping deal but I found out I have the SAME exact one--my friend gave one to me last year.

My Initial Thoughts:
- After leaving it on for 25-30 minutes (maybe that's too long?), I felt the mask creating some filmy substance that peeled from my skin if I rubbed it
- No sticky residue but again, the strange peeling layer after drying on the skin
- Whitening action was moderate, moisture was good
- High quality fabric and very gel-like consistency
- Scent is a bit like baby wipes--not really appealing but not a bad scent

Can somebody tell me if this peeling thing happened to you too? It's like I put on a peeling mask and rubbed my face to remove the mask... Haha. Maybe it's because I left the mask on for too long...

Second haul was from Shu Uemura. I bought some items from the new Holiday '09 collection that features Tsumori Chisato. I bought only two items and none of them were makeup items. For some reason, the eyeshadow palettes didn't really appeal to me at all, most colors were not so special so I didn't buy them. I wanted the lipstick but I was afraid of the brownish color (however now that I see swatches.. I want it LOL). So I decided to get the two items that would really show the cute pattern and design of Tsumori Chisato.

The Cosmetic Pouch
Cute box!

Haha this pic reminds me of a black animal opening its mouth.

Isn't the star zipper adorable?

The puffiness of the pouch makes it look a little large... but it's cute!

2nd item: The Mirror
The box is not as cute but it's nice and simple.

It comes with a little pouch which is like this strange fleece like fabric... Reminds me of Old Navy pajamas that had the label: don't leave near fire/flame. I wish it came in a satin or velvet pouch!

Cute pattern right? I'm comparing it to my freebie Minnie Mouse mirror I got from the MORE magazine for September. It's very similar... -_-; The angle is a bit different though. I prefer the Tsumori Chisato/Shu Uemura mirror angle better.

Size is overall about the same. The pattern is adorable though! Maybe the cat mirror is a teeny bit studier than the Minnie mouse one.

Hehe, silly pic of my shooting myself in the mirror. Do you like my orange nails? They complemented my Halloween costume (the sweater especially). The shade is from Zoya.


jojos4eva said...

is it scooby doo!?

Catherine said...

Wilma! from Scooby Doo!

And ahhhh, I am so regretting not getting the compact mirror now that it's sold out on the Shu website... I think the only place that still has it is Nordstroms, but I don't want to pay for shipping on top of it... so cute though! The pouch is super adorable as well - I kind of want it now too hehehe.

Congrats on getting your app done! =)

Shop N' Chomp said...

Oh yeah, totally Velma from Scooby-Doo! XD

Chommie said...

i know! you're vilma from scooby doo! :D She wasnt my fav character when i was a kid though. but you look cute!

and your makeup pouch is really adorable! esp the star zipper!

Vanilla said...

haha velma !loll
omg the shu is so kawaii !lol

theotherworldly said...

Hi, Silk Whitia addict here! The film is actually because the solution dried, the film is from the glycerin.

If you read the instructions on the package it says to rinse off. Actually you don't have to, but since the dry film formed you can wash it off :)

Lulu said...

omg so cute!!!

I think for the silk whitia mask you have to rinse it off afterwards, unlike most sheet masks. so i've never felt the film on my skins imply because i just went directly to the sink and started rinsing :)

yay for finishing all the early apps!!! <3

Zwala said...

hey..that must be the one from Scooby Doo series..?? the one wearing Orange outfit??n the other gal in the groups wears purple colured..i forgot her exact name.. :P

n yup..i luv that nail color as well.. :)

Tracy said...


For silk whitia masks, gotta rinse off with water after masking. I have never felt those film on face after using the mask. Probably because I wash the face right after masking.

The mirror is cute! I wannnnnttt.....


Mona said...

my whitia hasn't arrived yet, i'll let you know how they turn out =X

Kaye said...

Hey Velma :D Did anyone go as Shaggy? Nice haul btw :D Love the Tsumori Chisato purchase :D

Blair said...

That's a lot of Silk Whitia masks!! You didn't get the Pearl ones that Fuzkittie recommended?

adin_22 said...

I'm using the silk whitia but it didn't peeled on me..cuz' I just used it for 20 minutes...but my hubby said my face looks brighter after I used it...but I can't see any difference...hehe....the tsumori chisato pouch is so it...and you're velma...that's cute....

Ahleessa said...

That's such a cute outfit from Scooby Doo!!! :)

Anonymous said...

I have tried exactly the two Silk Whitia masks that you got, and I agree that it leaves a kind of a film, but I always cleanse my face with water after I took off the mask, so I didn't have the problem with peeling.

The Shu Uemura mirror is soooo cute! I WANT it too... but can't get it here, since Austria doesn't have Shu. Argh!

cushycottage said...

velma from scooby doo. the smart one in the gang :) the tsumori chisato prints are so pretty.

~Lisa said...

You're Velma from Scooby Doo! Scooby-Dooby-Doo!!

Great Silk Whitia mask. I'd love to try them but sadly I don't have a credit card yet. But I'm so interested in sheet masks now...I blame the bloggers here! LOL

And the Shu Umera Tsumori Chisato is so cute! I saw swatches of the lipstick called Jupiter Something...and it was gorgeous!! You totally should've gotten it =]

Blovet Beauty said...

I'm late in guessing but as everyone else pointed out Scooby Doo!! hahhaah where did u find such retro looking glasses, they are COOl ~

Beauty Snap said...

I'm using this way to respond to people who don't have a c-box or blog:
Theotherworldly: Thanks for the tip!! Really helpful, will try it out.
Tracy: Thanks to you too :)
Cushycottage: Yup I'm Velma, a nerd at heart. I love Tsumori Chisato!

Yumeko said...

its scoody doo right
post a pic of the whole group please!

getuneed said...

soooooooo cute yaaaaaaar....

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