Saturday, July 18, 2009

Okinawan Paradise

Wow I can't believe it has already been more than a week since I last posted! Sorry... I don't have much time to update my blog these days, I am getting lazy to upload pictures.. Plus the internet is not as fast as my computer back in NJ.

The weather has been SO hot and humid lately, luckily no heavy rain but some little trickles. I am sweating buckets everyday! It is disgustingly humid T-T

I just came back from Okinawa, if you don't know, it is a small island to the south of Japan, previously briefly occupied by Americans during WWII and home to the Ryuku people! It is very different from mainland Japan and VERY HOT! The sun is 7 times as strong as the sun rays in Tokyo, I got burned a little after two hours of snorkeling even though I lathered on so much sunscreen.

So I will show you some pictures of my 3 day trip to Okinawa, I went with my friend as well, she has more pics but I don't have access to her pics atm.

This is the famous Churaumi Aquarium where there are 3 huge whale sharks, which I'd like to see in person! I didn't bring my PADI diving card, hehe I have Advanced Scuba certification and Nitrox certification... :) Too bad I could not scuba dive in Okinawa, that is what many people go there for. However I did do some snorkeling!
Kind of blurry but you can see the whale shark right? Don't worry, it only eats plankton so it is a very kind and gentle creature. There were some Manta rays as well and they were so cool! I also really want to see some manta rays in person.
This is the view from the Manzamou lookout, a very picturesque and panoramic lookout spot. Such a beautiful spot..
Look at the sky! It is so blue.
And the ocean is even prettier, such nice gradation colors hahaha.
Haha.. This is me. I look like such a tourist.. the skirt also makes me look slightly pregnant but oh well -_-;
Some souvenirs, they are selling Sata Andagi, which is sort of like a donut. It is round and the inside is dry. Tastes yummy ;) There are also some tropical fruits there, like mango and dragonfruit. Oh and if you mention Okinawa, the most famous vegetable is the Goya! It is green and bumpy, and in English you would call it Bitter Melon. It is very bitter, but it is tasty as well. Some special fruits from Okinawa are Sheekwasa, (I have no idea how to spell it) but it is like a small citrus fruit that tastes like lime and little bit grapefruit, and lemon... It is so nice, especially the juice made from it.
This is a souvenir dessert made of Beni Imo, which is a purple potato. I tried samples of this Beni Imo tart but it was not that good... Haha.
A very popular symbol you might see in Okinawa is this lion creature, it is called a Shiisa. They are everywhere on the buildings, signs, and they have many sculptures all over the place.
This palace is called Shurijou, an old palace where the Ryuku dynasty ruled. The main part is under construction right now so I could not get a very nice picture.

I came back yesterday night and I'm back in Tokyo now! I have about a week and few more days to go in Tokyo. Time goes by so quickly, I want to stay longer! I still have more shopping to do... Hehe I bought many things but haven't shown all. Anyway hope everyone is doing well, sorry I cannot comment or view blogs frequently, but I try!


K said...

Isn't Okinawa sooo beautiful and fun???? I loved going there and I want to visit again!!!!

Hope you are having fun in Japan! Come to Kobe to visit me!!!!

ning * star said...

aww, it is a beautiful place... Love!

Catherine said...

Wow - gorgeous!

miku said...

That's so awesome!!!

PinkyKathy said...

the whale here is ENORMOUS!!!!!
my bf went there last year and took lots of photo.!!
I wanna go to Japan~~~~~~

Chrissy said...

Wow it looks like you had so much fun in Japan! It's definitely a place I want to visit someday.

Sassy Jadore said...

Lovely photos! You look like you had lots of fun. =)
I sooooo want to go to Japan to do some touring and shopping and of course the food. hehe.

eki said...

hi Mika~ looks like you are having a great time there!! I wanna visit okinawa too someday never been :3 great photos I love seeing your trip!

Edna said...

The pictures are so beautiful and looks really peaceful!

MiuMiu said...

you actually went snorkeling with the whale shark!?? even if you didn't...i'm still jealous that you got to go snorkeling!!!

✿Ji✿ said...

Awww looks awesome!♥

Thx for entering my giveaway hun!♥

Chris said...

I was born in Okinawa! My family has a beach named after us, since my grandpa engineered a road leading to's called White beach. It's not all that awesome though. lol

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, that's such a beautiful place. You're so lucky you get to go XD. Can't wait to see your haul!!

Shopn'Chomp said...

Mika, I love your pictures! These look like they came straight out of a poster. So happy to see you having a good time. Thank you for sharing with us :)

funkiimonkee said...

I love your photos! Makes me want to go NOW! I am planning to go for my honeymoon and I can't wait wait wait!

Zwala said...

woo..wonderful fun trip.. :)

(( SKY )) said...

Yea it's been ugly humid here too!
That looks like a peaceful island.