Thursday, July 9, 2009

100 Yen Haul & Household Life


Good evening from Japan!
Yesterday afternoon I went over to Nakano (中野 - Access by JR Chuo-Sobu or Chuo line) for some 100 yen shopping at Daiso.
Although Nakano isn't really a big shopping area or anything, I went to check out the Broadway plaza (which is a long indoor road with lots of little shops - a "happy road"?) but didn't really find anything interesting.
The Daiso in Nakano didn't have any cosmetic items! I was so disappointed T-T but the one in Koenji (where my "home" atm is), had more things, like false eyelashes haha x)

Here's my little haul from Daiso in Nakano:

Then my another Daiso haul from Koenji (the false lashes, anti-bacterial wipes, blue clips)
The hair claw is from Claire's in Nakano and the facewash, spray and nose packs are from Sundrug also in Nakano.

Hehe, can't leave this post without showing some things from the house I am staying in, right?
These are my grandfather's koi fish. They are really fat even though they are only fed once a day.
Fed them again so they would come closer.. Hehe.
Tanuki! (Racoon)

Neighborhood picture from the veranda. The weather is not good!
It was so windy today but later on it got sunny again.

My grandpa's cactus is sprouting flowers.. :)
Next post will be be about Shibuya! But I was so occupied with shopping that I didn't get to take pictures inside the stores T-T


Amanda K said...

Nice haul and CUte stationary! Lovely photos.

aichaku-愛着 said...

ooo love your haul!! & your grandfather's place looks really cool. :D

ning * star said...

oh ,your 100yen store got so many things.. mine here...nothing at all.haha xD
nice haul

Anonymous said...

Omg.. I am in LOVE with that pond <3

Gui said...

OMG,I miss Jiji's house and Koenji,also the Uniqlo in Nakano,xixi.I bought u cute stickernotes from Daiso over here=)Gonna send it to u along with other things later.Cheers.

eki said...

ohh nice haul!! your ojiichan's house looks really nice very traditional!

Shopn'Chomp said...

I love the Claire's in Japan. The ones in the U.S suck in comparison. Great stash you got :)

P.S My family used to have koi. Your grandfather's are huge and lovely!

Edna said...

Nice haul from Daiso.

Wow your grandfather's Koi fish are so big!! Looks so nice and peaceful in Japan!

Jamilla Camel said...

Cute Haul! I love Koi carp and Tanuki!

K said...

Oh a tanuki! Do you know about his "assets"??? LOL!

PinkyKathy said...

Asian stuff and Asian giftshop are THE BEST!! very nice haul. ^_^

Zwala said...

cute haul..and those fishes are must have been after lot of care..

Dana Yoshimizu said...

Wow great pictures, thanks for sharing them with us :) I can't wait for more XD heeh

Anonymous said...

Nice haul! Also, nice photos of your grandpa's place. The koi fish are so huge! haha If I remember correctly, cactus plants are supposed to ward off evil spirits if placed outside of the home. The flower is so pretty. :)

saintangelius said...

Ah! I'm a Daiso fan!
I can't stop myself from buying 'something' every time I walk into one. It could range from the queerest things like a pack of nail art brushes to anti-cat powder for the house (mum complains of the neighbourhood cats using the garden as a public loo so I had to pick up some of those to ward them off)

fuzkittie said...

Sooo much fun!! :D Great that you've started hauling already, haha.

heartofpearl ♡ said...

hey:) i finally got around to getting back to u and also have invited u to the personal blog thanks for being patient hehe!
aww i miss japan looking at this. i want to go 100yen shopping spree and also just shopping in genereal haha x

MiuMiu said...

oh man..i'm so behind on comments! hehe i hope you're having fun in japan! even for a daiso haul, it still intrigues me!