Saturday, May 23, 2009

Goth Lolita Cosplay - Eki's Contest

Hey everyone! Sorry I've been MIA for this week. I slept too late everyday and was too lazy and tired to post anything... I have so many blog duties that I must do-- I recently received my L'egere BB Cream in the mail and I love it! I will do a review the next time I update.

Thank you to all of my old and new followers! I'm sorry that I can't comment back or view all of your blogs individually! If you'd like me to personally get back to you, please leave a message in my C-BOX instead.

Ok, so today I was very productive and finished my entry for lovely Eki onee-chan's Cosplay Contest! You can enter this awesome contest by clicking on this link: Eki Cosplay Contest.

One of my very good friends and close neighbor Heejin helped me with this contest by taking pictures with her cool Canon DSLR and helping me with makeup! Thank you so much Heejin!! I'm planning to help her with her upcoming prom makeup and have a small photoshoot so hopefully that will go well :)
Here's the makeup used in my Goth Lolita Cosplay look:
"That Gal" Brightening Primer by Benefit (borrowed from HJ)
Revlon Colorstay Foundation in Sand Beige
Hello Flawless! powder by Benefit (borrowed from HJ)
UDPP (borrowed from HJ)
Estee Lauder E/S in Pink Parfait
Estee Lauder E/S in Autumn
MAC E/s in Brun
NYX Jumbo E/S Pencil in Pots & Pans
MAC Eyeliner in Phone Number
NYX Eyeliner in White
MAC Gel liner in Blacktrack (borrowed from HJ)
Majo Majo Lash Expander Mascara (sorry not pictured!)
MAC TLC in Popster
DHC lip color in PK07
Babypink Lipgloss in Clear
Bobbi Brown Blush in French Pink (gift from Jenn, thanks so much I love it!)
Luella for Target black blouse
Fredericks of Hollywood Corset (hehe.. this was inherited)
3 skirts layered - black Betsey Johnson (not visible), gold Betsey Johnson, unknown brand top layer lacy skirt
Giorgio Armani stockings
Penny&Kenny black flats
Forever 21 headband
Inspiration Picture:

Goth Lolita Cosplay Look


disi421 said...

Yeiii!! i am so happy that i am the first one who makes the comment lol i had a productive evening too>_< it was soooo much fun<333 N you look so かわいい~~

ekimura said...

mecha KAWAII!!!!!!! I <3 IT!! the one your are looking back is so lolita kawaii look~!! you nailed it!! arigatou contest shite kurete!!


Zwala said...

omg..u r definitely going to win the contest..!! :)
u luk damn cute..!!

Sassy Jadore said...

Awesome job with everything from makeup to outfit. Fabulous. =)

DSK said...

WOW BABE!! what a great entry! you really went above and beyond! good luck to you!!!

Chomsiri said...

oh wow you went all out!! i love the pics! esp the one where ur on the grass and closed your eyes!

good luck :D

Anonymous said...

OMG! You look so kawaii, Mika!!!!! I -love- elegant gothic lolita! My favorite photo of you has to be #3, with you looking back over your shoulder n___n Or #4. It must've been nice lying on the grass haha Good luck in the contest! You look great :D

Blair said...

Hey gothic loli babe!!

You went above and beyond for Eki's contest!! I like half body picture of you lying in the grass the most!! Good luck in the contest!!!

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

wow love it! you look like a real gothic lolita. I love the hair band!!!! I adore the pic of you lying down, you look so fresh and innocent! you def give the other ladies a run for their money! hehe good luck!

Anonymous said...

Oh, really cuuute! ;)
Good luck for the contest!

Blair said...

I am finally replying to one of your earlier comments in my blog hahaha.

I was boggled by the word dragon eye hahaha. I googled and found that in Cantonese, longan is called "long ngan" which literally means dragon's eye. In Malaysia, we usually call longans "mata kucing" which means cat's eye hahaha

Snow fungus is a jello type of fungus? I suppose ahaha. It is tasteless and mostly used when cooking tongsui. I think you should recognize the Japanese name for it - shiro kikurage.

I hope this comment cleared up your doubts hahaha

miku said...

It's lovely. I love your dress.

Jamilla Camel said...

You are the perfect Japanese Gothic Lolita!!

sanniet said...

you look adorable!!! and I love the pictures! <3 I love lolita looks they're so cute! *^_^*

beeyoutiful7 said...

hey cutie mika !

its been a while!
how are you? I hope you're doing well.

Are you on ur break ?

lovely job !
You look super cute

fuzkittie said...

OMG this is TOO adorable!

Catherine said...

Very beautiful! I love your makeup and your costume! :D :D :D

MiuMiu said...

you look great! i love the corset..wish i had one.

Dana Yoshimizu said...

Very cute! Good luck~! :)

aquaracer said...

u did a great job!! you def nailed the look! 3rd and 4th pics are my fave!!

M said...

your outfittttt!! LOVES IT! good luck on the contest.