Sunday, May 3, 2009

Weekend Haul + Eki's Love Package + Misc.

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Happy Weekend everybody!
I finally found some extra time to devote myself to blogging. I haven't uploaded a real post in a while. These days I'm nearing the end of the school year and it's crunch time! :( I took the SATs this morning and felt relieved that this will be the last time (3rd time btw haha). Sigh, and I'm definitely looking forward to AP's next next week. Hah. -_-;

So after the SAT, I went over to Mitsuwa for some much needed lunch and browsing. I really wanted to check out the magazines for that Spring issue with the Jill Stuart pouch! Sadly it wasn't out yet~ However I did get the Maquia and Seda magazine. I'm kind of disappointed in the Maquia magazine, it didn't have many tutorials but I'll try to take some pics of both mags to show you guys. The Seda magazine had a special on Eye Makeup to look HOT haha. The article is called "Mote Eye Make Magic" which roughly translates to "Attractive Magic Eyemakeup."

I also picked up the White Tsubaki Shampoo because it was on SALE for $5.49. Also I was running low on cotton pads so I got the Selena 2-Way (2 Sides) Cotton Pads for about $2.99. Japanese cotton pads/balls are the best! I got some in Japan a couple yrs ago and they were so nice. However I was cheap and just resorted to American brands. It's time to try something new :)

Last weekend (such a long time ago, sorry Eki!) I received Eki's love package in the mail! Thank you so much~ Eki has supported me on blog, email, and on my sale. She's an extremely kind, caring, and loving person! Please support her creative efforts by picking up some ADORABLE bows right here.

As always, Eki gave me some of her new pin designs with the Smashbox Bag, Face Tint, and PN sparkly lipveil. She also put in one of her cute choco pops :) Yummy~

It took several tries to finally get a pic of the pin on my hair, but here I am modeling one of Eki's first pin creations I've received. I'll try to take some more pics but it's so hard to get a good angle.

Last but not least, I've finally received the Giveaway Prize from Annie Nguyen.
I'm sure EVERYBODY knows how this girl has been conducting herself. She even deleted her blog today. Although I have not been a victim of the swapping disaster, I have to say that Annie is an irresponsible person. She has failed to show me her "changes" and does not communicate well at all. It took about four weeks for me to receive this giveaway prize. I've emailed Annie a couple times throughout that time and most of the time, did not receive a response until 2-3 days later. She repeatedly told me that she would send it by the "end of this week" three times.

Although I am the one receiving something for free, I do not think it's right to fail in communicating with the other person. I think it is much easier to just be HONEST, tell why you cannot send something, and then make SURE that you specify an exact DATE to send out a package. She neglected to give me a tracking no. because she got confused with the other winner's name and I tried to help the situation. She however took everything offensively and retorted that she did not appreciate "harrassment and schooling in shipping" and did not want to bring up the swapping issue because she wanted to "forget".

Thank you Annie for sending me this prize but I hope that you've learned to communicate better in your future endeavors. It will really come in handy.


Catherine said...

Ooh, good luck on your AP tests in two week! Cute bow from eki! =)

ning * star said...

eki is really good in creating those cute bow bow. yay for eki's goodies!

Tsubaki, I'm dying for that =) looking forward to try it

good luck for your test and thank you so much for dropping kind comments, support. Thank you dear!

PinkyKathy said...

congrats finally you got everything. !! i had been swaplifted by a crazy girl before. And her communication is no less than Annie...... This is good finally you got the prize.

DSKNguyen said...

=P I love to harass people! AHHA

Blair said...

Eki's creations are so lovely! Do tell us how the Tsubaki works out for you =) I heard that there's a new formulation for the White Tsubaki, but I'm still undecided on getting it (I'm a cheapskate hahaha!)

Jamilla Camel said...

Good luck on your tests, and the Eki love looks dreamy!

You are a lucky survivor of a XOannie experience!

ekimura said...

hi sweets!! I hope your schooling is going well with the sat's and all! Thank you for making a post about me and modeling it with all this busyness! ahh mitsuwa haul is always lovely!

I finally got to go to one in chicago it wasnt all that great like the one in cali but it was still good! I gotta post my haul too LOL XP

good luck with everything sis!!

Sassy Jadore said...

cute stuff u got! =) I looking through the japanese magazines, but I haven't had the time to drop by the Japanese bookstore lately.

I'm sure u did well on the SAT. =)

M said...

eki stuff is wayyy kawaii.

oh god 4 weeks? to ship something you can just drop off in the mailbox?!

Anonymous said...

Hope you did well on the SAT!
The only pre placement test I've had to take was the ACT and I was super nerve wracked! XD

Super cute bow from Eki^^

Sorry to hear about this girl that has caused so many problems. >.<

AbcGrrrL said...

Good luck on your tests.

Is that a makeup bag Eki made for you? It's so cute!

EbeautyBlog said...

Lovely bag. So kawaii <333

Yumeko said...

oooh that bow is just too cute!!!!

good luck at school!

fuzkittie said...

Yuck tests!! I hope you do well~~ :D

Aw such lovely bow!!

MiuMiu said...

the bow is so cute. i love how she added that extra cuteness to the smashbox bag.